June 15 2012

Tangible Outcomes by Rev Dale

Infinite Perfection, Life; that Life which underlies and animates the physical while existing as that very physical.  Pure intelligence: infiltrating the substance of Its being and imbuing Its fullness with beauty, power and joy.  In this, as this, I have my being.  I am the reach of the Infinite upon this tangible globe of my influence and my word is Its voice upon all my affairs.

I declare here and now with absolute authority that my will is the Divine Will acting through me and all I choose to know is accomplished with ease, peace and joy.  I speak my word upon my dreams and desires and all the mysteries of the Infinite coalesce into the substance of my command.  Avenues and channels open effortlessly and decisions are reached flawlessly.  The right people show up with the right skills, connections and capital.  I allow the circumstances to reveal the path of my inner shift.  I change my mind easily and great opportunities come to me effortlessly for the immediate and harmonious outcomes that I would choose. Better things than I had imagined are already happening.

I am grateful for my every outcome. My life is a tapestry of peace, joy and true fulfillment. It is effortless because this word is already surrendered and wonderful occurrences are afoot.  Spirit has taken hold and every fibre of my being is surrendered.
And So It Is

Affirmation: I claim my good. I take action today.