Daily Inspiration: I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart. ~Vincent Van Gogh

Today’s Affirmation: I see it, I feel it, I know it; I claim my Good Today.

Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: Can you do it with all your heart? That is the only promise of dividends of value; all your heart.  One must truly believe enough in something that one gives completely to it in order to experience the full rewards of ones endeavor. When that commitment is given the returns come in the doing and all success is simply a nod from the Infinite. Yet could there ever be anything better than a Nod from God.


Daily Inspiration: Believe those who are seeking the truth; doubt those who find it. ~Andre Gide

Today’s Affirmation:
Truth is my ocean,
Love is my sea.
I am forever exploring,
Its depths unrevealed.

Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: The part can never know the whole completely. All it can ever truly know is its desire to forever be discovering. We are each the parts in which the whole is contained and eternity will not be enough time to realize the magnitude of beauty awaiting discovery within our depths.


Daily Inspiration: A friend is a person with whom I may be sincere. Before him I may think aloud. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today’s Affirmation: My companions are my aura; I am attractive to the consciousness of Love.

Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: People naturally gravitate to us who align with us. If you ever questioned the tendency of your thoughts just look at your circle of companions. The one who holds with consistency and clarity to high principles will maintain such a circle of acquaintances, only ever having a few ‘learners’ in their inner circle at any time; not by conscious choice for the Master always says ‘Yes’.


Daily Inspiration: Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy. ~Howard W. Newton

Today’s Affirmation: I remember the vulnerability of all as I know my oneness with all and I make my words taste of that sweetness of Love.

Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: It is a choice to be harmless and it starts with each person’s thoughts, beliefs and values. From there it extends to every aspect of ones life. It starts from the knowingness of oneness and when this knowingness is not complete inadvertent hurts will be made. Every time you feel or see a hurt ask; “Where have I forgotten my oneness; where have I forgotten Love?”


Daily Inspiration: Pride is the ability to work your hardest even though nobody is watching. ~Anonymous

Today’s Affirmation: I do my work in the presence of the Divine; I do my work to discover the Divine. This is my only focus today.

Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: True pride is the quality of knowing oneself; knowing ones Divine self. In this awareness one will always show up completely for every persons highest good because there is a solid recognition of oneness. Any form of pride that does not embrace this oneness is false and will eventually lead to failure. The heart must be for good in order to go forward.


Daily Inspiration: Do one thing every day that scares you. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Today’s Affirmation: I step up and I step out dancing to the rhythm of a heart; moving to the pulse my symphonic source.

Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: In order to discover the true adventure of growth one must hear the beat of ones own heart in a new way. It must become the pulse of discovery. The label of fear is a false label which continually binds the soul to complacency. One must rise above the limitations of social distortions and see the possibilities within every challenge. One must feel the pulse of their heart and ride it like the divine storm it is. Say ‘Yes’ to life today.


Daily Inspiration: Frustration is anger with a bow on it. ~Anonymous

Today’s Affirmation: In the face of confusion I let go and all frustration resolves into action. Inspiration motivates me forward today as I stand in the embrace of the Divine.

Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: All frustration is a gift to anger because it is the recognition that ‘I’ am the cause; there is no outside force that has any control over how one feels. From that point forward one realizes that ‘If I don’t like it I must change it.’ The final realization that frustration brings is the relief of knowing that ‘I don’t know’ and the only solution is to surrender to a Life Force that forever offers true solution.


Daily Inspiration: Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain. ~Anonymous

Today’s Affirmation: I celebrate the storms in my life today; they are the gifts that nurture my growth.

Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: How we see the challenges before us has everything to do with how we prosper in our affairs. If we see them as obstacles they will define our limits to success. If we see them as opportunities they will define the heights we reach and the perspective we shall have. See the opportunity, the promise, in every challenge today and experience increase in your life and your soul.


Daily Inspiration: To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides. ~David Viscott

Today’s Affirmation: I stand in the brilliance of the One Light shining from within today.

Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: The only way that one could stand with the sun shining from both sides is to be turned to the light shining from the inside. When we see our Divine inner Light the whole world sees it also and cannot help but shine back upon us. See your light today and bless your world and your self.


Daily Inspiration: The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated. ~William James

Today’s Affirmation: All that I am is the source of my appreciation and I blossom in Love today.

Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: The need for approval is the most profound disease of the human condition driving people to make all manner of ‘bad’ decisions for perceived approval. It is not possible; no external fulfillment can ever bring satisfaction until one realizes the innate truth of every life, the Source is within. Only when the search outside ends will true joy be discovered. Look within today, that is where your happiness awaits.