My Attitude Is My Reset by Rev Dale

The spiral of Life is forever upward; Perfection moving into Perfection.  The Infinite is increasing. What ‘was’ Is Now renewed.  The perfection of yester times is renewed in the passion of this moment.  I am that passion; I am the One life individualized upon this moment and my word is Law.

Knowing the power that I am I see clearly that I am the only power in my life and I make that life as I choose.  My choice is merely a function of my attitude and Desire so right here and now I take control of my attitude.  I choose joy and self fulfillment, I choose to be the repository of great ideas and I choose to act on those ideas. I know it matters not what I may have thought and felt yesterday for this moment is my ‘reset’. I take charge of my optimism and know that right now is my fulfillment established. Perfection is my birthright for I am the individualization of Infinite Perfection and all I think say and do is outward validation of this deep inner knowing.  What I know becomes me and all my experience is reset to the One Truth now.

I am in deep and full gratitude right now for my life is reset upon the path of profound goodness and the Godhead has taken this word and already made it so.

And So It Is             


Affirmation:  Today my life is turned around, the old is gone and only good stretches before me. In this I celebrate with every breath.

God Rises In Me

Light, Life; beginning anew.  Every moment is the Infinite blossoming in perfect nature.  Every moment is Divine Majesty unfolding and enfolding all It’s intrinsic perfection, the One Life is forever rising to greater vistas of pure perfection.  Symphonic perfection reveals itself in every note, in every structure and living progression of consciousness.  The One Life reveals its perfection in me, through me and as me.  I am the vessel of Divinity and It finds expression in the activity of Mind that I am.

I awaken to the magnificence that is my birthright.  I discover in the silence of my attention that sacred presence.  I feel the rush of the Deep calling me to awaken, to open and to remember the song and truth of my soul; who I am.  As I awaken and remember I feel the inexhaustible power of love as it spreads Its welcome tendrils in to the deepest and darkest places of my being.  I give permission I say “Yes.”  My heart soars and God rises on the wings of my Love and all my world is enriched and blessed.  And good pours into all my endeavours.

I am blessed and grateful; I am increased in this drive of Life dancing upon my soul and I am thankful to this God given life, that it reflects perfectly on the outer the drive of my heart and intentions within.  I am grateful that this rich expression is already fulfilled now.  It is complete.

And So It Is     

Affirmation:  My Divine Light shines away the darkness of ignorance Now!


Commencing Great Action

Life; All that Is, vibrant, potent in It’s infinite perfect presence, reveals It’s perfection in every detail of It’s existence.  Every point is the focal of Infinite Presence, Power and Action.  I am that point of Infinite Awareness and my life is a movement in the One Life.  All that God Is I am at the level of my comprehension.

I am moved in this breath, in this moment by the Omni-presence of Life. I am acting from the Omni-activity of the Infinite and in this moment commencing great action.  I am attuned to the One life, calibrated and synchronized into perfect accord with the symphony of life.  My every thought and action is a harmonic progression of Divine Will.  I am the reach of the Infinite into every heart I touch and I know this for I know only One Heart.  All that I do is succession of the One Will; it is the remembering of One and has its movement and influence in perfect accord with Divine orchestration.

This step forward is in perfect balance and a witness to the awesome majesty of  Life in all Its glory.  I am whelmed up in my awe with a gratitude beyond measure for I stand and I know I stand at the nexus of heaven upon earth.  Great action has begun in this breath and I am in submission to it as rips through my soul leaving only peace in the knowing that it is done already, now: today.
And So It Is    

Affirmation:  Calm soul removes every obstacle in the awareness of perfection realized.



October 12 2012

Treatment – I Do It Because I Can by Rev Dale

Life stretches forward, a renewal and expansion of all It could be, unlimited and eternal.  Divine Life is forever moving into the field of all possibility, celebrating Its Divine perfection and increasing in opulent splendour.  What it does is done through every aspect of Its being for the One Life is fully present everywhere, in all, as all completely available.  Here I see me, I know who I Am.  I am the Infinite potentiality revealing Itself through me, as me now.

I celebrate my full knowing through action today.  I have grand ideas and I take action to reveal them in my affairs.  I see the idea and I take the steps.  I move on the dream even when all appearances reflect lack for this is why the vision is revealed to me.  If it already was I would not be called.  Today I realize that I am called to step into my greatness and add to the magnificence of my world.  I choose greatness and I live greatness; every dream I have is revealed and realized by the very Source that brought it to me.  I am that self knowing conduit of perfection.  I recognize it! I claim it! And; I move into it Now!

The very essence of my soul sings today in harmony with the symphony of all life for I have realized my gift and given it freely.  With gratitude I say Yes to this life fully lived.  I speak my word and I release it with love and joy knowing I am the breath of the Infinite already complete.

And So It Is

Affirmation: I stand above my past and celebrate the perfection I choose right Now.

September 28 2012

There is one Life of infinite perfection; it is Joy, it is Peace, it is Harmony and Creativity -and it is available to me.  I am one with an Infinite perfection; in every way that Wholeness of Being, at the level of my being.  I am the full potential of God realized into my affairs and my word speaks forth my good.

In this moment I see God all around me. The filters fall away and in me, through me, as me the Infinite reveals my perfection as It.  I embrace this perfection at every level.  I claim the Divine Relationship of pure oneness as the realization of all my interactions everywhere.  I accept the profusion that is the lavishness of the Infinite; it flows over and into all my endeavours with abundance and eternal flow.  I am a fount of prime and perfect ideas always empowered with copious energy and resources to bring God action into my human affairs.  I am blessed with a love that knows no bounds; it springs from within and caresses all my relations.  It is the touch of the God Life and it is embodied completely in my action Now.

I am welled up with joy and appreciation; in an attitude of gratitude for all the good that I claim is mine now.  I relish the abundance I stand in and the God experience that dominates my thoughts and experiences. In the joy of this richness I release my word.  It is Done.
And So It Is

Affirmation: Life moves and I move with It; I am surfing the currents of Love today.

August 16 2012


In Awe of Life by Rev Dale

Divine Life saturating Its infinite wholeness with Its sweet perfection, is all, in all, as all.  It stands at incomprehensible heights beyond the greatest of human awareness and conceptualization.  It is the Whole; It is the One.  Of this infinite perfection I exist, I am the whole of this Infinite Beingness at the level of my comprehension.

I know the blessing of the Divine Life that pulsates through my every fibre as the very substance of my being.  I am in complete awe of the power available in my surrender, that power which transforms every appearance of chaos into the magnitude of peace that transcends comprehension and definition.  I am in continual wonder as this fluid perfection washes over every apparent disturbance of my life and instantly establishes harmony and bliss.  My life is filled and fulfilled to overflowing with the graces of beauty, joy, love and peace.  It finds its way into every catacomb of my soul until I am gorged in Its Holy Sweetness and all I know is bliss.

I am in eternal gratitude for the awesome presence of the Infinite revealed in every detail of my life and affairs.  Thanksgiving washes over me with every breath for I live in the opulence of the Divine; completely satisfied in every way as I give the fullness of this word away Now.
And So It Is                                                                     August 19th, 2012

Affirmation: A crescendo of silences washes through my soul Now!  And all that remains is Loves sweet reprise.

August 09 2012


I Stand for the Vision

There is One Life, Author of all that is visible and invisible, Divine Creator and Master of Life.  I am One with this Infinite and all that it is, my life is the outflow of this One and is the individualization of perfection. My thoughts extend from the One and are made manifest.

I see clearly a pattern of perfection that reverberates from the core and essence of my being.  I am attuned to it; it resonates and blossoms from my soul, my core; it is who I am.  It is the vision of my being, the vision of One life living Its truth of peace, love and joy extend through the pores of my body and the breath of my senses.  I am imbued with Divine Vision and my every action is alive with the anticipation of its unfolding.  I live from this vision; I act from it and my world reflects it in detail.

Great things are already happening now in my world and I rejoice and celebrate from the power of my passion fulfilled.  It is done now and released into Source wholly right Now.
And So It Is

Affirmation:  I am one with the community of my dreams; bigger, better and more fulfilled than ever I had imagined before.

Jun 27 12


Today’s Quote: Be here now. Be someplace else later. Is that so complicated? ~Anonymous


Today’s Affirmation: There is so much to enjoy right now that Life has got me by the soul-strings. I am hooked on the joys of today.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: Simply allow the perfection of this day to permeate your senses; and you will do more to create a perfect world than a thousand politicians and social reformers.