Things Come Together

Life comes together in perfect harmony every time, every way and everywhere because life is all there is.  It is the harmonized perfection of the One in Love with all that It is.  And It is all that I am.  I am the synchronous expression of the One Life individualizing perfectly.  I am all of that infinite poured into the intentions of my heart and bursting forth in harmonious expression; I am the word and my word is the law unto my affairs now.

I speak my word with the authority of indivisible supremacy and it takes hold upon the most insignificant details of my experience. Every apparent disparate event is drawn into the masterpiece of the One unified vision; Love. Every seeming coincidence finds its place in the orchestration of my life and affairs.  Every person arrives in the perfect moment, every dollar and every deed is already present right where it belongs for the unfolding of this symphony called life and I am the master conductor reading the Divine Score perfectly; One Life, One Love, One Expression and That I Am.

I rejoice and celebrate this fullness that my life is now. I breathe in peace as I see how details have come together in perfect harmony and I give thanks to the Master Hand at the helm of my soul that so perfectly has inspired my every action.  And to this I give over, knowing the power of creation at play. It is done.

And So It Is

Affirmation:  I put my word to action Now; and create a brand new Life.

May 04 12



I am inspired by the wonder of my being; a perfect expression of Divine Intelligence.  I am an intelligent extension of Infinite Intelligence.  I and every person is God individualized, I know that all I look upon is God expressing in Infinite individuality and it is good.

As I breathe this breath of one life I allow it to be my celebration, my declaration of gratitude.  It is this wondrous expression of individuality all around me that has brought me to this place in my life.  I rejoice in it as I live it in its fullness.  I am grateful for my family, friends and co-workers.  I am grateful for my home, my town, my country and my world. I am grateful for my teachers, my healers and the many helping hands that have supported my arrival here.

Truly my greatest gratitude is me; that indwelling presence that is ever nurturing, ever bringing forth the perfect growth moments, the perfect joy moments and the perfect moment to give of my love.  Right here
and now is that moment I have been awaiting, and so I say ‘Thank You!’ as I release this word. It is done.

And So It Is