Things Come Together

Life comes together in perfect harmony every time, every way and everywhere because life is all there is.  It is the harmonized perfection of the One in Love with all that It is.  And It is all that I am.  I am the synchronous expression of the One Life individualizing perfectly.  I am all of that infinite poured into the intentions of my heart and bursting forth in harmonious expression; I am the word and my word is the law unto my affairs now.

I speak my word with the authority of indivisible supremacy and it takes hold upon the most insignificant details of my experience. Every apparent disparate event is drawn into the masterpiece of the One unified vision; Love. Every seeming coincidence finds its place in the orchestration of my life and affairs.  Every person arrives in the perfect moment, every dollar and every deed is already present right where it belongs for the unfolding of this symphony called life and I am the master conductor reading the Divine Score perfectly; One Life, One Love, One Expression and That I Am.

I rejoice and celebrate this fullness that my life is now. I breathe in peace as I see how details have come together in perfect harmony and I give thanks to the Master Hand at the helm of my soul that so perfectly has inspired my every action.  And to this I give over, knowing the power of creation at play. It is done.

And So It Is

Affirmation:  I put my word to action Now; and create a brand new Life.

I Turn My Thought Around

Pure Perfection knows only perfection; it is the state of the Infinite.  All that it sees is pure and perfect harmony; every creation is eternal.  I am one with this creation. I am one with this life. I speak from this Oneness and know now that it is done.

I declare right here and now that my thought dwells upon the sacred truth that is all life.  As I look I see only love and beauty, joy and peace.  In every aspect of creation I see only the One Power manifest and expressing.  As I look upon this Life and re member it in every detail I rid myself of every old thought of suffering and disease that sprang from an old sense of separation and vulnerability.  I have turned my thought around and returned to the One.  Every conflict that was is gone and dissipated away into the nothingness of a weary imagination. All that remains is my new thought fixed upon the joy and passion of creation.  I bring love and more love into my world today; it is all I know and all that remains.  And It Is Good.

I celebrate in thanks and praise knowing that by my invocation from Source, through every fibre of feeling I have, it is truly done now.

And So It Is

Affirmation:  My life unfolds today with a new beginning and a new opportunity.


July 06 2012


I Treat Me Good

One Life extends in perfect harmony and synchronicity.  Being all, It is the orchestration of all, it is the continuity and cohesion of all life everywhere. Every life in every form is the clothing of this One Life.  Every life is this One Life stretching into perfection.  I am that life at the level of my apprehension.

In this moment I claim fuller awareness of the life that I am.  I see my perfection underlying every action, every decision and every thought.  I focus on the good thoughts and so dress me up in good clothes.  I choose to see my experiences as the clothing of my thoughts and beliefs and recognize now that I have an infinite wardrobe.  It is a classy wardrobe because I hang with the most loving of minds. I choose an environment of God consciousness and infuse my being with that new awareness.  I love me well and I prove it; I treat me good.  I share freely of my new style for it is the fabric of a New World.  My habits are life enhancing, my patterns attract greater experiences of good, of health and prosperity for all.  My life is revolutionized and revolutionizing in every way by my deep wellness thinking.

In transformation I am grateful; the new me no longer recognizes who I once thought myself to be.  Joy is the order of the day; it is my way, it is my truth, it is my garment and it is my choice.  I celebrate deeply this newfound way of thinking.  I celebrate the new me knowing it is who I am, who I have always been and who I choose to be.  In this invocation I release to the Infinite Now.  It is done.
And So It Is

Affirmation:  I love myself and I show it.  I relax in the rays of my soul today.