Daily Inspiration: If we truly believed that love is eternal, we would heal our relationships rather than kill the perceived enemy. We would eliminate the desire to attack ourselves or anyone else when difficult issues surface. We would understand that unless we heal through love, the same problems will keep reemerging.  ~Aeeshah Ababio-Clottey & Kokomon Clottey

Today’s Affirmation: The meaning of Christmas fills me today; I Am Love.

Today’s Contemplation: Many people say Love is a verb; it is an action.  This can only be true if I realize that I Am the noun from which the verb issues forth.  “I Am Love. “ could be the noun that changes your life.  When one lives and breathes Love all they will ever see is the Divine synchronicity of life and they will always be in the right place(s) at the right time(s) for Loves work to be done.


Daily Inspiration: You are no greater than the love you hold for the one in your presence. ~Unknown

Today’s Affirmation: I see only the Divine in me and in all I see; the illusion of separation is stripped away today.

Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: I am no greater than the least of those who stand in my presence for in their presence all my judgements are revealed. The truth is beyond all form, all conditions and all desires. No thing in any way could possibly represent the Divine; and only Love can know the Divine for where Love looks that is all it sees.