Sep 13 12


Today’s Quote: A society without religion is like a vessel without compass. ~Napoleon


Today’s Affirmation: I celebrate a higher truth today and witness joy in all my interactions.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: Many people think religion is the organization you belong to.  This is not religion; it is the incorporation of religion.  True religion is the sharing of spiritual ideas in conversation, in community and in action.  It has absolutely nothing to do with creeds and beliefs and everything to do with stretching together into a greater expression of good.

Aug 20 12


Today’s Quote: Life is short and truth works far and lives long: let us speak the truth. ~Arthur Schopenhauer


Today’s Affirmation: I guard my thoughts; only truth binds my interactions today.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: It takes a conscious choice to speak only truth.  I can know truth because it is always life affirming and in all ways harmless to all.  If my word does not meet these simple criteria it is not worth speaking.  I release any source thoughts and bring peace to the causative feelings.