Sep 24 12


Today’s Quote: Not in nature but in man is all the beauty and worth he sees.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


Today’s Affirmation: By my attention, by my intention, my world becomes beautiful today.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: What we see and how we choose to see it are the only conditions upon the beauty that we see.  If I do not see beauty in a detail I need only change my mind. In order to see the beauty of heaven all around us we need only refrain from judging that which we see.

Sep 23 12


Today’s Quote: Rest satisfied with doing well, and leave others to talk of you as they will. ~Pythagoras


Today’s Affirmation: I live the life I am committed to today; peace, joy and abundance are mine.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: Every one of us is living the life we have committed ourselves to.  The generous life is rewarded by its intention as is the selfish life punished by its intention.  We are all rewarded by the quality of our generosity; selfless intention given over to the One-in-All is rewarded in ways and means that, while they include currency, will extend into every area of livingness.

July 20 2005

The great spiritual masters of the ages have taught that enlightenment is a journey from unconscious action into conscious action.  Jesus, after a healing was often quoted  saying: “go forth and sin no more”.  Sin in its original application meant to make a mistake or miss the mark.  He was urging us to live consciously. When we act and respond from a place of conscious choice emanating from our loving intention, an intention for the good of the whole, at all times we are acting from a place of enlightenment. 

I have moments of enlightenment, as I believe we all do.  They become more frequent with right action.  Right action, I have discovered is learned behavior, it takes practice and discipline; it takes the development of healthy habits.

In these last weeks I have been speaking of the value of gratitude; gratitude can be nurtured and developed.  Yes we feel it during those moments of richness in our lives; it spontaneously burst forth at the birth of a child or in the eyes of dizzy lovers.  But it is something that can be felt at any time with practice.  There is always something to be grateful for and the practice of feeling gratitude draws goodness into our lives.  It sets our good into motion; a joy filled person attracts opportunity. 

One of the most challenging practices I have ever undertaken was the practice of genuinely seeking the good in moments of crisis.  It is not easy.  Every fibre of our being seems to scream for a good wallowing in our self pity; at least this has been my experience of suffering.  Yet when I have ‘counted my blessings’ I have taken the cutting edge from my pain and moved more freely into a place of joy; a place I would much rather live in.

In my last Sunday talk I closed with this thought:  “our good is not made in the moments of our kindness but rather in the momentum of our kindness”.  In other words we want to build into our lives a momentum of gratitude so that even when we are feeling ensnared in challenges of overwhelming magnitude that thrust of our appreciation brings us through.

May the thrust of your week be an attitude of gratitude;

In Love and Light,