August 16 2012


In Awe of Life by Rev Dale

Divine Life saturating Its infinite wholeness with Its sweet perfection, is all, in all, as all.  It stands at incomprehensible heights beyond the greatest of human awareness and conceptualization.  It is the Whole; It is the One.  Of this infinite perfection I exist, I am the whole of this Infinite Beingness at the level of my comprehension.

I know the blessing of the Divine Life that pulsates through my every fibre as the very substance of my being.  I am in complete awe of the power available in my surrender, that power which transforms every appearance of chaos into the magnitude of peace that transcends comprehension and definition.  I am in continual wonder as this fluid perfection washes over every apparent disturbance of my life and instantly establishes harmony and bliss.  My life is filled and fulfilled to overflowing with the graces of beauty, joy, love and peace.  It finds its way into every catacomb of my soul until I am gorged in Its Holy Sweetness and all I know is bliss.

I am in eternal gratitude for the awesome presence of the Infinite revealed in every detail of my life and affairs.  Thanksgiving washes over me with every breath for I live in the opulence of the Divine; completely satisfied in every way as I give the fullness of this word away Now.
And So It Is                                                                     August 19th, 2012

Affirmation: A crescendo of silences washes through my soul Now!  And all that remains is Loves sweet reprise.