September 28 2012

There is one Life of infinite perfection; it is Joy, it is Peace, it is Harmony and Creativity -and it is available to me.  I am one with an Infinite perfection; in every way that Wholeness of Being, at the level of my being.  I am the full potential of God realized into my affairs and my word speaks forth my good.

In this moment I see God all around me. The filters fall away and in me, through me, as me the Infinite reveals my perfection as It.  I embrace this perfection at every level.  I claim the Divine Relationship of pure oneness as the realization of all my interactions everywhere.  I accept the profusion that is the lavishness of the Infinite; it flows over and into all my endeavours with abundance and eternal flow.  I am a fount of prime and perfect ideas always empowered with copious energy and resources to bring God action into my human affairs.  I am blessed with a love that knows no bounds; it springs from within and caresses all my relations.  It is the touch of the God Life and it is embodied completely in my action Now.

I am welled up with joy and appreciation; in an attitude of gratitude for all the good that I claim is mine now.  I relish the abundance I stand in and the God experience that dominates my thoughts and experiences. In the joy of this richness I release my word.  It is Done.
And So It Is

Affirmation: Life moves and I move with It; I am surfing the currents of Love today.