Today’s Quote: He that cannot forgive others breaks the bridge over which he, himself, must pass. ~Lord Herbert

Today’s Affirmation: I forgive my mind out of the fixation upon appearances of separation today building a bridge for my heart into Oneness.

Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: Every hurt is the effect of a deep racial confusion that drives the human senses toward a fixation upon the belief in separation. Therefore the only possible healing and release from global insanity is to enter the sanctum of ones own heart; where Oneness can be remembered. Only in this realization of Oneness can forgiveness be complete precisely because it is no longer about them.


Today’s Quote: Anger makes you smaller while forgiveness forces you to grow what you were. ~Cherie Carter-Scott

Today’s Affirmation:  Where once I gave Love Today I return to giving Love.

Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: Forgiveness is one of the most important practices of a healthy mind and life. All truly fulfilled people practice it; it is a simple mental exercise of replacing toxic thoughts about any person, organization or event with enriching thoughts.  The only challenge is to do it. Understanding the truth gives nothing to your life unless you live that truth so take some time and ‘live’ forgiveness today.


Today’s Quote: The practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing of the world. ~Marianne Williamson

Today’s Affirmation:  I breathe forgiveness through my soul and into every life I touch today.

Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: All forgiveness must eventually lead to forgiveness of self.  Whenever I forgive another for any transgression I must also forgive my self for holding them in my mind as a perpetrator of injury.  The truth is that every person is merely a costume the divine is  wearing in order to dance my dance with me; every person is God individualizing and we are all One.

Aug 26 12


Today’s Quote: Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. ~Vincent Van Gogh


Today’s Affirmation: Today I take the little actions to forgive the little things and build my great new heaven right here.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: The greatest little thing that can be done is the forgiveness of self for accepting a small wound before it grows big.  Every little wound released is replaced by a new vision of love and creativity, by a surge of energy and a path of action.  A great new world is birthed on the forgiveness of small and hurtful misperceptions.

June 29 2005

This week I have allowed myself time and given myself some forgiveness.  Getting married and moving my new wife, Hannah, from Red Deer all the way to our very new home in Vernon all in the same week, while maintaining church and other work has been enough for even my rigorous standards…almost.  And it is exactly that “almost” that makes forgiveness such a challenge. 

Firstly, forgiveness is ultimately about forgiving ourselves. 

It really has nothing to do with other people.  Why, because ultimately we are in charge of our lives.  We are the creators by the way we think and the way we have thought in the past.  Like all forces of nature, thought has a cumulative effect; it works in a similar manner to water or electricity. Even that “almost”, especially with feeling invested in it is creative, just as a trickle of water is creative and more-so with pressure.  

You see; feeling is the creative power behind thought.  If you use the image of water in a lake, not moving existing only as the potential for power, waiting for that drop; that’s where the creative power is, in the motion.  All thought is empty without an investment of feeling or emotion (E= energy in ‘motion’, e-motion, emotion); and passionate or emotional thought is particularly creative. 

So there is little value in saying or thinking “I hate… (fill in the blank)” with all the passion you can muster and then canceling with an empty negation, silent or vocal.  Your thought and words will have directed your creative ‘feeling’ onto a destructive course that will have an outcome in your personal affairs.  By the same token appreciative thoughts with feeling will have a positive effect –and the cumulative effect will determine your overall experience. 

Just as with a drop of water no visible effect can be detected one individual thought will show no determinable results. It’s in the flow of thought and feeling that we see results, so forgiveness with feeling is the key to enriching our lives.

This is ‘the Science of Mind’; and a basic understanding of its principles has been the most personally enriching study I have ever undertaken because of its direct personal impact.
May your week be filled with a flow of good feeling.

In Love and Light,


Feb 2, 2005

We all like to live our lives in happiness, We don't do well with unresolved stuff. Yet many of us choose to be insensitive to our deeper feelings, we find ways and means to distract ourselves; television, music, work, it's a never ending list. The only difference for me may be my commitment to take ownership of my life AND my realization that all things can be resolved through an age old process called surrender and forgiveness. This is not new to this day nor I expect to you.

What may be new is the realization that this process is continuous. Forgiveness very simply is the practice of letting go, not to the things, people or the situations but rather to our attachment to them. Our attachment is emotional, it is our investment. Some of us build an investment in God through emotions of appreciation, joy and love. To speak the truth I must be in the truth. The truth very simply is all that is life promoting. So I must willingly release my needs to be right. I must surrender to an eternal presence within that always knows a peaceful way. I must do it to ensure growth in my life. The result of living this lesson that Jesus taught is empowerment and enrichment; and it also, for me, happens to be better talks. I know that this simple practice that works so well in my life will also work in your life if you embrace it. Blessings on your road to riches.

In Love and Light,