May 31 12


Today’s Quote: We shouldn’t make ourselves miserable over somebody else’s bad choices. ~Joyce Meyer


Today’s Affirmation: I live from my heart and bring joy to every breath I breathe.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: It take s conviction, a determined choice, to stay centered in my own heart for me to sail in the seas of the worlds emotional confusion.  In order to do this I must restock my human-ship at least daily with a fresh supply of Soul Food.  I do this through meditation, reading, writing and continually expressing my appreciation and gratitude.

Sept 14, 2005

We all have faith; each of us has as much as the next, the only variable is where we choose to invest our faith.  Some have faith in chance, others in catastrophe, some believe in hard work and others in opportunity.  It doesn’t much matter where you place your faith except that you will reap the results of your investment.

Our faith is a reflection of our tendency of belief and subsequently of our thinking which unless consciously changed will unconsciously follow our beliefs.  It has often been said what we think and believe we shall achieve.  How often has something happened in your life only to have you acknowledge that you knew that would happen?  Each example you find is witness to your faith.

The great teacher Jesus is accredited with saying “According to your faith be it unto you.”   If this holds true for all of us then the challenges of our lives would be witness to our faith, and if we would like our challenges to change then we must change our faith. We must change what we think about; we must change what we believe and how we feel.

This process of changing our thinking is the most difficult and rewarding thing we can do.  It entails thinking outside of the box, looking for new ideas, and to do this we must look outside of ourselves.  We must look at others who express the joy, the health, the freedom we would like for ourselves and discover how they think.

I have witnessed miraculous ‘healings’ that I can only accredit to a changed way of thinking.  Health, relationships, finances and general happiness, with due focus and commitment, can be improved remarkably.  In every case I have witnessed there has been a willingness to work diligently on the changed thinking and a level of determination based on real conviction.  This has always been the demand of the spiritual masters of the ages.

All through the ages the mark of ‘The Master’ has been his or her ability to impact the world through the act of living what s/he believed.  Each of them has stood absolutely firm in their conviction.  They have lived their faith before all else.  This is the conviction we must each develop in order to create a life of true happiness.  We can only have the life we desire when we decide to live the spirit of that life.  This takes absolute conviction in the face of unlikely appearances; ask any enteurpreneur who successfully created a business if things always went as they expected.  You will find, I expect, in every case that they had to persevere at some point through the appearance of failure.

Challenges according to historical records will not necessarily go away; this is not the promise of religion.  Our ability to deal with and grow from them will excel.  With our new faith built upon values we aspire to have balance in the storm, we trust it to bring always more richness into our lives and in my experience, in my own growing faith it has continually done this.  This is the only example of my life, I am the demonstration of my words.

May the storms of change strengthen your faith in abundant returns, may you ever give more than yesterday and wake up alive, healthy and ready for this adventure called life.