Today’s Quote: Belief creates the actual fact. ~William James

Today’s Affirmation:  I believe in a joy filled world and I am living it Now.

Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: There is no power comparable to the power of real belief. It is the total body of any persons thought system including the uninformed patterns of a subjective childhood and can be changed only by focused, unwavering and consistent new thoughts.  It takes faith, discipline and, more than anything, a community who support and believe with us our new ideas. Find your believers and discover your dreams today.

Feb 16 2005

As I heard this, it begged the question what is the manner of thought or information that my brain is processing unconsciously? The answer: old information that we have established a pattern of beliefs and feelings around that can automatically be expressed. Phobias, opinions, moral reactions, physiological functions and the like are just some of the processes.

I had a couple experiences this week that provoked feelings of anxiety within me. The anxiety although very noticeable was not conscious. It was just one of those feelings that rises up uninvited, causing an uneasiness. Many people call this intuition; it is not. Intuition is always a positive feeling giving supportive impetus to stretch out and be a greater expression of who we are. It is those three billion pieces of ‘uninvited’ processing occurring in accordance with old beliefs and feelings. This does not mean we should ignore such anxieties, rather the opposite, we should heed them. As the movie so eloquently pointed out just because they are unconscious does not mean they are uncreative.

The thing to do is to heed the feelings in recognition of their creative tendency and start using our 200,000 conscious thoughts to recreate our ineffective programming. It may take a while but we are capable of reprogramming ourselves for better, healthier and happier experiences.

Obviously if conscious thought is the key then it is our choice whether we change or not. It is our choice what we watch on T.V., what we read or choose to listen to on the radio. It is our choice who we spend our leisure time with and how we treat and think about those people who are in our lives. And are we willing to go the mile; three billion is a big number and no matter how diligent we are it will take time to change most old patterns. Yet we have the support of each other to know our ability to make the shift. I know you can because I know I can; I can because I have. What I have done once I can do again and even if you never have you too can change your life for the better; 200,000 bits of information at a time.

In Love and Light,