A Prayer for the Syrian Refugees

Peace Filled Hearts and Peaceful Homes

One God, One Life, One Divine Perfection; It is the Source and Substance of every life and every thing. From this One has come all that is. This One Eternal Source is absolutely present now. I know I am, and every person is, one of this infinite Source and as such each is the focus of God’s will upon their life and affairs. In this word now I take conscious control of my thought and my desire and I speak Peace into earthly conditions where and as it is called for; and I know my word is heard.

I know that peace is moving upon the face of this earth. In hearts and minds globally people are taking action for peace laying down arms and walking away. Right now, in Syria someone is making this decision and heaven’s doors are open wide. The way is clear and the path is easy, for heaven heralds the return of the beloved child. I know for each one of these seekers the answer and the way are made clear. Great things are happening and hearts made Holy in the embrace of Love are opened wide. Homes are prepared and wrapped in peace. Peace is The Way; it is The Way of my heart and The Way of my world Now.

In this intimate and deep knowledge that my word has been heard, that Peace is made manifest and that refugees the world over have moved incrementally closer to a world they would choose, that knows only peace, I take my leave of this word. I surrender it to the Source from whence it came. I let it go, knowing that it is already fulfilled even before it was spoken. I let it go, knowing it is done now.

And So It Is

Affirmation: I stay in Love; Love moves me, and around the world a new Peace is realized.

I Follow The Signs

One Source; that Source is the Centre and Circumference of every life. That Source is all the meaning that any life has, and the only meaning it gives and gives freely is Love. Love is All there is. I am one with Love; I am one with Source, I am one of Source, perfectly expressing and individualizing. All that I am is the Omnipotence of Love individualizing as me by my decree.

In every interaction with every person I am witness to the God nuances calling me to attention. This Love of my being that I Am is forever drawn into the Source. I sit still and I listen and I feel the pull. Daily I seek the path of Love; I witness loving-kindness and align with supportive and harmonious behavior. I always listen to the feelings and intentions back of words and gestures. I give no energy to patterns of antagonism. Rather I reach out with actions of compassion. I follow the signs in all my relations and find I am ever closer to the Divinity of my being; more light, more love, more power, joy and beauty. My Life is alive in the radiance of an eternal dawning as I return into the Light of my own being; as I return home.

There rises up an eternal song of gratitude from my God-Well within that pours forth a blessing to the world that craves only Love. I rejoice and celebrate my thanks giving as I give this word back into the Godstream of Creation knowing it is forever complete, already done and fulfilled before it was spoken. It is Done.

And So It Is

Affirmation: Today I commit to my homeward journey; a return to Love.

I Commit To My Good

There is One Life, ever expanding, ever increasing and forever filling Itself with the magnificence of It’s Being. I am one of this Light; I am this Infinite and awesome Light extending into the form of my being, body and affairs. And I am the Word; the Law unto my affairs now.

The very nature of my being is creative good unfolding. I am the great opportunity for Life to express fully in all that I do, and I accept this opportunity. I choose today to commit to my good. I make right choices consistently. I find ways to bring me more closely into the embrace of Joy, Opulence and Creativity. Today I bring my Joy into the lives of others everywhere. As I realize the magnificence that I am I infect my world. And they inspire me to be more, to grow, to truly commit to my good. Today I completely commit to my good and the good of all others. Effortlessly I release myself and any others from an old and worn way of being. I embrace and accept my good. I take this step in joy knowing it naturally opens to the next. And so I build my life of joyfulness now.

I let this full world of bliss unfold before me in supreme gratitude. My thoughts reach into the depths of my being and thankfully reveal the source of my word fulfilled. The Divine Doer of all my desires, the Lover of my being, has received this word and made it so.
And So It Is

Affirmation: I say “Yes!” to the adventure I begin Today.

A Greater Me Today

Life rises in Magnitude and Magnificence in Its Infinite Majesty. Beauty beyond recounting underlies, permeates and occupies every form, for it is the substance and essence of all that is, visible, measurable and comprehendible. It is Life; and every life is that One Life individualizing perfectly. My life is that One Life and my word now is sprung from that One Word.

I declare my alignment with the Power of my being and I bring my every thought into the creative process. I am building the Kingdom of Love into my affairs today simply by stripping away. Every old thought of conditions of suffering is banished and every thought of aloneness is transformed into All-One-Ness. I am home in the field of Oneness and all I see is the magnificence of Life. I am elevated in reverence and have become a greater me today. Where I go and what I say are sprung from a perfect alignment. I Am a Light Worker, a Love Worker; I am the extension of the Infinite into all affairs individual, present in Love, Joy and Peace for this is my sole desire and my only nature.

I am blessed and absorbed into the gratitude of being until This Breath Now is the eternality of my thanksgiving for the Greater me that I Am in absorption into; the One, the Source and the Splendour of this life now. My word is received and fulfilled
And So It Is

Affirmation: I am More, I am More; Love has found my Heart and made me More!


The power of Life itself unfolds in incomparable splendour. It is supreme and It is All. This Infinite Omnipotent One is eternally active, creative, forward moving. It stands unopposed and unstoppable, for all that is, great and small, is simply the One individualizing perfectly; I am That, every life is That. In this realization of my oneness with the Divine I know that I must also be unstoppable for all that I conceive is that One life thinking through me.

In this moment I declare that I am forward moving with the momentum of a life time. My dreams have gelled into the form of my greatness. I remain unperturbed by any appearances of failure for I know beyond knowing that only good can possibly be unfolding. I am oblivious to the opinions of all those who would attempt to influence me with thoughts and words of mediocrity. I am God aligned, unwavering in my knowledge of that perfect vision and fully aware of the proof of my greatness in the binding my heart. I am secure and unshakeable; I am resolved and unrelenting. The riches of the Universe fall upon my path with my every step; living proof of the correctness of my vision. I act now with passion, purpose and direction; with unstoppable resolve.

From the very depths of my heart springs a geyser of gratitude for I have heard the Infinite and It has spoken; Yes, Yes, Yes. And so it is done, the word released, accomplished and fulfilled before it was spoken.
And So It Is

Affirmation: I have Purpose, I have Power and I have Support. I am on my God journey Today.

Moving Upward

Horizons open up and the Infinite is revealed. Every possibility is already played in Infinite Mind; and simply awaits the creative desire to bring it into form. Spirit is all and I am the outlet; I am the individualization of Infinite Intelligence, I am the Creative Process. Every thought I think, every breath I breathe is the out-picturing of an Infinite Intelligence and by my passion it comes into existence. I am One and my word is Law.

In this moment I am filled with the breath of the Divine and I am lifted upward. My heart is moved and my head aligns; I am inspired by the Light. I willingly release old ideas and dreams; for my life is renewed with vision and passion. And I know I must say ‘Yes’! I speak my word now and I take action. The path is revealed before me and I walk it one step at a time marvelling in the continued revelation of the next step. I am moving upward. My heart is freed from the inhibitions of opinion. I am ready to take action and let the urge move me.

Into thankfulness my being plunges. I am filled to overflowing and released with a grateful heart into an upward spiral. By the will of the Divine I am moving. I know it and I release into it knowing that it is already done right now.
And So It Is

Affirmation: Divine innocence drives me forward today. And I accept MY work and CHOOSE my Play.

I Accept My Good

The Good Life is the God Life. All that is good is God and all that is God is Good! God is manifest in, through and as all that is; both visible and invisible. All that exists, being the manifest expression of God, is in essence Good and Perfect. I Am the manifest expression of God; I am One of God and I am Good in every way.

Today I am in complete acceptance of the Good that I am. I claim it in the smiles I share, in the passing ways I lift spirits and bring happiness to the hearts around me; I share it in the transformations I bring through my works and my passion. I am Good and today I celebrate that Good. I am making a positive difference in my world with every single breath I breathe. I make that difference in my commitment to every life as ‘One Life’. In every moment I look past beliefs, opinions and judgements to the essential nature of life. I see through to the loving intention that motivates every life. My seeing is creating and peace is the gift I leave in every heart I touch.

My giving is a blessing that returns and blesses me beyond any conscious awareness and leaves me in reverence and gratitude for I see the Light and the Love that is abundantly given to me and to my world. In this field of gratitude I release this word and it is swept up in completeness. It is now and already done.
And So It Is


Affirmation: I say ‘Yes’ to a Good that keeps growing and, I say ‘Yes’ to a Heart that keeps on Glowing.

I Rise Up Again

God is awakened to every moment, in everything, in every way for God Is all there is. The Awakened God is the sparkle in the moment. It is the stardust shimmering in, through and as every person everywhere. God Is Life Eternal forever renewed. I am the renewal of God in this moment, alive and present in the oneness of my being with all life everywhere.

I declare right now the alertness of my being. All is fresh and all is new for I am new to this moment. This moment, now, has never existed before. Nothing of it has any correlation with the past for the ‘past’ never existed except in some mind somewhere that could not behold the beauty of this moment now. I declare right now that I release every judgement based upon that yesterday which never existed. I rise up renewed in this moment, in love with this moment and growing into a greater consciousness of the love that I am right now. I see through every illusion into the Heart of the Divine. I see the Shimmer, the Love, the Glory that forever transcends the mundane I see Life and only Life today.

My full being is resolved now into the deep and profound gratitude, that knowing, that light, that Joy fulfilled, for the One Power that has already resolved this word into the complete wholeness of my being. It is done.
And So It Is


Affirmation: I rise up today in a New Way; it is a New Me and a New Day, and Love is All there is!

Knowing Our Truth by Bev Danby RScP

At the core of the Centers Spiritual Philosophy is what we call ‘Spiritual Mind Treatment’. It is essentially very specific ‘Affirmative Prayer’, for the purpose of aligning our thinking with the Truth which we desire to see manifest in our life. For example:

“There is one First Cause that creates form from the formless. It is the one Source of all that is, the creator and the created. I am an individualized expression of this Source, the One Life. All that It is I am.

Right now I choose to practice Spiritual fitness in my life and affairs. I demonstrate unconditional love for I recognize the Divine Love that I am. I succeed in all my desires for I recognize the Creative Power of my thought. I prosper for I recognize the lavish un-failing abundance of the one Source. I say YES to the perfect unfolding of my Divine magnificence.

I am filled with immense gratitude knowing that my life and affairs are unfolding in love, peace, joy and success. I gratefully practice my Spiritual fitness throughout my day. I release my word. I accept and expect its perfect completion through the creative medium of the Law.
And so it is.


Heart’s Desire

God is the self existent Cause of all that is; visible and invisible, tangible and incomprehensible, and, all encompassing. It is the very Power of Life to know Itself and to celebrate all that It knows. I know this Life as the living urge within me to discover, to live and to be all that I can be. It moves me in my waking dreams and engages me in my subconscious urges for all that I am is the extension of this One. I Am One of the Divine.

Today I celebrate the revelation of my deepest desires. I know they are God Desires revealing in my deepest urges, unconscious patterns and unexpected synchronicities. My heart gravitates to the Light and directs my eye to the Truth that calls me home. I see the subtle coincidences that continually remind me that I am one with every life and that I am in the oneness of God Life. I allow the urge of my soul to hold dominion over my every action. My mind is alert to synchronicities and I Act in accordance with this inner compass, never wavering from the path of Love. I Am directed and guided because I am willing, because I am excited and so In love with the Divine Desire of my Heart.

Uplifted, fulfilled and in Oneness through every illusion of separation, I sing my gratitude for the perfection that is my Heart’s Desire. I am so thankful that it is God’s Desire through me, for me, in me and as me, and that it is already fulfilled in the imminence of the Divine as this, my Life. It Is Done, It is Complete.

And So It Is


Affirmation: I crack the illusion of my senses and am filled with Love’s Light right Now!