Daily Inspiration: Every one of us needs to show how much we care for each other
and, in the process, care for ourselves. ~Princess Diana

Today’s Affirmation: I let my love shine through and give a gracious gift of kindness and compassion.

Today’s Contemplation: We can only show as much as we have. Yet we all have an infinite potential which, when revealed by our actions, resolves into the transformation of our hearts. As we grow within our capacity to demonstrate our desires increases. And we each become the gift we have been seeking.

Spirit Moves Me

One Spirit! One Life! All life is this One Life and all life is Spirit. Spirit is Self Actualizing for Spirit is Self Knowing. It is the Intelligence and the Love pouring Itself forth into the details of every life. Spirit knows Itself and all the details of It’s being and Spirit Loves all that It is with unconditional completeness. It is the mover, the maker and the doer and I am the individualization of this One moved to be the Greatness of my Divine birthright. I Am the Word and I Am the Law; and all that I speak is done Now.

By the very Source of my being I am moved. I am compelled into action, I am making things happen. In every moment I am where I belong, clear minded and Divinely directed. The Vision of my Source moves through me as me; It is the bliss of my being and makes every breath of my being informed a dance of Love in the affairs of this world. Something wonderful is happening through me, heaven is being shaped upon the ground I walk upon and Heaven’s vision is awakening me. I Am transformed! I Am Love; I am Joy; and in every way Spirit Moves Me. I am surrendered and I am one fulfilled beyond comprehension.

It is Done and the gratitude of my soul wells up and washes over the details of my life; a blessing to every life I touch. My heart is in awe of the Sublime and my soul is forever dancing in appreciation and thanksgiving for Heaven is truly at hand and the Master has already manifested this word in every rich detail; it is Done.

And So It Is

Affirmation: Spirit has touched my Soul and I can’t stop dancing! I Am Moved to Action!

Secure In My Source

One Infinite Life and that Life is Power. In incomprehensible magnitude this One Power stands completely transcendent of any obstacle for It is All, and in It every opposition is lost in the nothingness of its origin. This One Power is present in, through and as every aspect, every detail, of Its Being. It is present with me, in me, as me; It is my life blood and life force and I am the direction of this Power upon all the affairs of my life. I speak, I command, and it is done.

In absolute security I rest in the knowledge of my Source, in the magnitude of my Source, in the very Power of my source and I am left in awe. In my knowing of the One Power that courses through every aspect of my life and every life I am completely humbled. In the knowledge that this Power is my Power as I choose to use it; in the knowledge that It is a Power for Good that continues to operate even in my confusion and unconsciousness I am humbled. And today I choose to use this Power. I declare now, from the deepest sense of Divine assurance that my life is in order. I declare that my good is very good and that in every way I live in the abundant flow of the Infinite. I declare that in every breath I stand in conscious witness to my Oneness with every life and I celebrate the profound love of that oneness.

I am truly humble in the richness of my complete security; in the opulence of my freedom and the magnetism of my profound community. I am in deepest appreciation of this present and enriching Source that holds me secure in It’s eternal embrace. In this deep security I release. I let go and surrender knowing I am forever buoyed by the One Power. I am set free as I release this word into the One Power now.


And So It Is

Affirmation: Secure and strong I stand where I belong; Right Here! Right Now! In Love!

I Claim My Growth

There is One Life expressing in, through and as every life everywhere and everywhen. This life is Divine; It is Perfect, and It is forever choosing to express It’s fullness from every point of conscious awareness. I am that conscious awareness individualizing as this Divine locus and unique perspective. I am this Infinite potential maximizing my greatest good now. I am the Power and I am the Word; and the Word is the Law unto my affairs.

Right Now I speak my word and claim my good. I know that every moment is a growth opportunity for every moment is a Divine opportunity for Love to express. I know that with every expression of Love I grow and with every release from old patterns I grow. Today I commit myself to grow. I choose to release old beliefs I never knew I had and bring more Love into my awareness. I choose to be more, to see more and to act more from Love’s True Light. Every action I take dispels the myth of a wounded past and realigns with the Mystery of this Moment. My Word is my Power and I Am the Miracle. I choose to be the Light.

In a rush of joy I surrender this word in deepest appreciation. I know the very source of my being has already brought this word into Divine Circulation and the outcome is resolved. I am transformed as I liberate this word now into Source.

And So It Is

Affirmation: Never complacent, never done; I am ever growing into The One.

I Am My Radiance

The Light shines forth in supreme radiance filling Its Celestial Body, every aspect, with the luminosity of It’s Heavenly Love. All is filled and overflowing with the Divine Sparkle for every point of It’s Being is the Source and It’s Radiant Peace circumscribes It’s Boundless Vastness. I am this; I am the potency of this Infinite individualized and I radiate the Light. And Heaven awakens where I set my feet.

Today I step into the fullness of my glorious heritage. I claim my good and the power of my presence. I recognize that I am alive as the Light of my being and every awareness I have is Heaven’s Vision. I see ‘good’ and the good I see establishes dominion; for all that I see is me aspected back at me. My Radiance is visible and palpable even to the most inanimate and unconscious. It is Love, It is the Divine as me, It is the Christ that I Am. It is my true nature and It is my whole nature; it is all that I can comprehend. I have made my vow and I am committed. I have chosen to be the Light in clear understanding that I am what I choose and I am now bound to be the full expression of my Divinity. It is good and heavenly. It is the right choice; it is the only choice, and I have made it.

I live the Light and this is my great gratitude. I am filled to overflowing with thanks giving for in every breath I feel the full measure of the Divine and my thanksgiving washes into my every conscious thought. I was blessed before I ever took my first breath and this blessing encompasses all that I Am. In glorious gratitude I surrender my word and my being into the One Source Light knowing only completeness. It is done.

And So It Is


Affirmation: Wow! I feel so Right, I Am all Right; I see the Light. I Am the Light!

A Bigger Me

God is Life; all Life; Infinite Life. Life is Love; It is the magnificence of Light unfurled across the full spectrum of It’s Being. All life is the individualization of this Infinite. It is perfect for it is sprung from Perfection. I am one with this One Life, all that I am is That. I am the way of Love made manifest. And my word now is Loves creation.

Today I am embracing a greater truth. I am seeing life in a bigger way and living my life at a new level of consciousness. Today I am standing with my heart wide open; I am feeling the change of expanded awareness and what I am ‘feeling’ has become me. Today I am growing in the consciousness of Life, in the consciousness of Love. I am opening right now into an infinite dimension; I am enveloped in a peace that transcends any condition. Today I am living a Bigger me; more prosperous, more alive, more in love with all that life is. And all that I know, all that I have become and all that I have realized can never be diminished for I am the expanding ark of Consciousness blossoming into my Divine Awareness, my Birthright, of Oneness.

In a song of deep gratitude that wells up from the spontaneous exaltation of my soul this word is released having already found completion in the Infinite for the word is forever complete before it is spoken.

And So It Is


Affirmation: I stand clear of every discord; I stand in the Light Today.

I Am Living In The Light

God Light, Infinite Light; It is All, in all, as all. It is Power and It is Presence. The Divine Light is Life Itself for it is the Light of life. My life and every life is this One Life individualized perfectly and completely. The Whole is fully contained within the body of consciousness that I Am. And the consciousness that I Am is all that I am; I am the complete expression of the One Mind and all that I am and all that I speak is the One Light made manifest.

I declare right now, in this breath, that the Light of Being in this moment is my Light and my life. All that I am knows itself as the perfection of the Divine made manifest. And in this knowing I do great things for all that I do is elevated to the level of my divine thought now. I am the Light in my world; a radiance that warms the hearts and minds of all who are touched in the sphere of my influence. My love, my caring and compassion, illuminates the hearts and minds of every person who enters my mind. I give the gift and it is received. And that which proceeds from me returns back to me in a radiance and fullness.

All that I am is the gratitude that sees the blessings in the illumination of me. Before I spoke this word the Celestial Radiance had already filled my soul and my every action. My word is Law and is swept up in the folds of Infinity. It is taken and made manifest and the One Divine Light shines through all I do, all I see and all that I am right now. My word is complete and fulfilled and It Is Done Now.

And So It Is


Affirmation: I Am the Brilliance I choose to see in all I do, all I Meet and all that I Am.

My Model Life

God; with me, through me, as me, in me; God is All and all that ‘God Is’ is good. Perfect Unfolding of Perfect Life; It expresses into being through every loving thought that is shared. This One Infinite is forever Becoming the ‘God Work’ of Its creation. I am that; I am the creation of the One Mind, the One Intelligence, and It is revealed in all the details of my life Now; I speak my word and It is done.

In this breath I declare that my life is a model life. Every aspect, every detail is a celebration of my re-membering ‘God is All’, ‘God is Love’ and ‘God is every word sprung from my soul.’ Every detail of my life is resolved into the Miracle working Power of Love, there is Peace, Joy and Harmony with every breath that I breath. My word is Power, Light and Life and the very essence of my being is Love. I am prospered in every way. Opulence is expressed in the freedom of my living. All that I desire, all that I would choose to have, is mine right now for I am living my model life.

With great gratitude, for I am remembering my source with every breath, this word finds completion; already fulfilled by Source before it was ever spoken. It is Done.

And So It Is


Affirmation: I Rise Up in Joy as give all my Love into this Life Now.

It’s All ‘Right’ for Me

Heavens doors are open wide and Divine Love pours through. Infinite Beingness courses through the full spectrum of Divine Creation. Perfection has It’s way; all is Good and all is God. Every life is God life and every moment is held in God’s embrace now. I am right here in the centre of this Heavenly perfection. I am perfections expression in-formed for I am the master work of the Master Creator. I am Loves extension into form and all that I dwell upon is Heaven’s blessing; I am co-creator with the One and my Heaven is made right here.

All the circumstances of my life are a kaleidoscope of synchronous perfection. One miracle blends into the next and all I see is a Blessing. Emanating from the very source of my being and infiltrating every brother and sister who touches my life Love finds pure expression. All is right and all is good. The material of this world comes easily and readily for all my desires and I prosper in the abundance of Divine Flow right now. I am a vital expression of this flow. It meets my every need and shows itself in all my encounters, my loved ones and my deep acquaintances. My every encounter is meaningful and love filled; happiness is my permanent state. I am rich beyond consideration and recognized in all my deservability. With this Blessing I give richly to everyone who crosses my path; I am Divine Generosity giving forth in all ways.

I am the One who stands in gratitude for it is All ‘Right’ for me now. I have seen my Creator and, in Love, I have been seen and it is very good. I am thankful that all this I know is already complete and fulfilled before I spoke this word.

And It Is Done


Affirmation: I Choose to be Love; and Stand in my Conviction Today.

Building My LIFE

One Life, one Power, one Presence. This one Life moves in through and as all that is. It Is all that is; It is the Source, Supply and Expression, It is the Infinite, the Way and the Individual, It is all that Is and all that I Am. I Am the Word, I Am the Power and I Am the Creation. I speak my word and It Is Done.

Today I take charge. I own my thoughts and consciously make them the pattern I would choose for the Life I would live. I am the Master of my affairs and in this consciousness I Am creating. I start with an empty slate for I have purged the past; I have forgiven to the One every thought of separation; every conflict, transgression and craving. I have let them go for I know that all of that is an anchor to emptiness and loneliness. I have released all fear of the future; all anxiety, worry and wishing for I know that only Good is spread out before me, is all around me and is the only Promise of what is to come. And Right Now I declare My Truth. With pure intention and pure thought I create the structure and form of my Love, my Joy and my Divine Desire; I dream happiness into being and nothing stands in opposition for all Power is back of every word and thought I hold. I Am building my perfect Life and I Am doing it Now.

With Gratitude I speak this word, with thanksgiving I release this word and with peace in my heart I surrender it into the Infinite knowing it is already done. I am truly living the life of my dreams now immersed in the Infinite from whence my overwhelming joy has come; it is done.

And So It Is


Affirmation: What Power! What Presence! I Am Alive in the Essence.