My Best Brings The Best

There is an Excellence that stands back of every human condition.  It is the promise of every life for it is the Truth of All Life.  When every concept of self is gone all that remains is Incomprehensible Love. It is the Truth of every life everywhere for all life is this One Infinite individualizing.  I am one with this Ineffable Perfection.  It is my source, my truth and where I abide.  It knows me and all the potential I am; and right now I

With every thought, with every beat of my heart and every action I am resolved into the One, the One is my word, the word is the law and as this word is spoken it is done.

I declare my conviction and act with my highest intention for the greatest good of all always.  I give myself fully and completely and Life gives back to me.  As I give my all I receive All that I can comprehend and open up to. I receive enough and more than enough always for the Infinite says ‘Yes’ always and the word of the One is the Law of my abundance.  I give my very best and the Best is what I get.  Unfailingly my best brings the Best and Divine Providence enriches me in every way.

By my giving I am living and by my living I am celebrating.  I am living in joy, gratitude and celebration. My every word is a song sent forth into the Infinite; a song of appreciation and praise.  I am so grateful that I always get the Best.  I am so grateful that this word is already delivered and that it has already born the fruit of a blessing in every aspect of my life.  I am grateful because the Law has done the work and it is already done.
And So It Is

Affirmation:  I act in every moment upon my highest intentions; and the Universe returns in Dividends today.

Penetrating Into My Potential

There is an Infinite Oneness unfolding and expressing. It is in all and forever rising to greater expressions unrealized in the details of Its Being. I am One with that Whole. I am that greater potential being expressed and realized right here and right now, and my word is the promise of my action expressing.

I move into my potential, I embrace it and I realize it. I am here for great things for I am born of greatness and the Infinite is the pulse of my heartbeat. There is a seed of the Infinite planted within the core of this body. It is the seed of magnificence and has been well planted in fertile soil; it is growing for it has been nurtured by the Master Gardener and all that the One has planted must be expressed. I am that magnificence beyond the threshold of its blooming. I am the fragrance.

The excellence that I am is an undeniable aroma to the senses of all who my life touches. I am right now living my potential. It is the gift of the Infinite and it is given in dividends and I am in eternal gratitude of this gift already given. It is done; the Divine has taken this word and made it so.

And So It Is

Affirmation: I go through the veil of all distractions and find myself in the Heart of One.

My Soul Oneness

There is one Life. It is the encompassing fullness of all that is visible and conceivable. It is the Infinite binding of the invisible and inconceivable. It is Alive and It is Living in me, through me and as me; I am One in every measure of my soul and I declare it now.

All that I see is one with me; I look out and witness the intricate masterwork of an Infinite presence forever individualizing and I know that I am That. In every sweep of the hand of Creation I am present. I live in the perfection of Oneness and every circumstance is the binding of my soul oneness. All life conspires with me for the full awareness of Life’s Magnificence; my Magnificence. My every action is integral to the Infinite kaleidoscope of Divine Perfection and by my word I dance in the perfection of the Master Hand. Every detail of this life that is embodied as the individualness that I Am is absolutely perfect.

I rejoice in this dance, my Happy Dance, and celebrate my gratitude. I am immersed in the cosmic joy of Yes. My word is fulfilled for it has already been swept into the Heart of the Infinite Master Creator whose work is done.

And So It Is

My Word Is My Promise

There is One Word and from this Word all life has sprung. And every life is that One Life individualizing. There is Power in the Word for It stands as All and is inclusive of all that is. I am one with the Word; It is the Word of my being and the Law of my soul and I am in perfect accord with It.

I declare right now that I am true to my word and my word is in perfect integrity with the One. Every word I speak is uttered from the very soul of my being and is bound to the source of my being. It is Love. I am Love. I am the innocence of Love and each of my words is my promise fulfilled. I know now that my life perfectly reflects my integrity and my desires. As I am true to my word I experience all my connections to be true and we make a foundation of integrity.

I celebrate this team, I am grateful for consistent integrity in every aspect of my affairs and I rejoice that the mirror speaks harmoniously to my resolve. I have spoken my word now and it is now done; taken into the Impeccable Source and made so.

And So It Is

Affirmation: I see the good in all. I speak the good of all. I raise the good in All Today.

Abounding Blessings by Rev Dale

One Life flows in Infinite expression through every avenue of Its existence. All that it ‘is’ is a Blessing to the fullness of Its being. Every life everywhere is this One Life individualizing Divine perfection in and as the Blessing of the One. I am that; I am the extension of Life’s Blessing upon all my affairs. I am aligned and true to the Wholeness that I individualize.

I am blessed! In every way and every action, I am blessed with creative expression, with life and passion. I stand upon Gods lintel and pour forth a blessing of Love into every activity of my life for I am blessed in the eternal flow of love. With every breath I breathe and every colour of Divine kaleidoscopic wonder that cascades upon my senses with every caress of Love that brushes against my soul I am Blessed. And all I feel, and all I do and all I speak is an extension of the Blessing ever pouring through me.

Thankful beyond measure I bask in the embrace of the Divine and celebrate ultimate power as I let this word slip into the Infinite causative flow of Life; already complete now.

And So It Is

Affirmation: Heaven is alive today, in my work and in my play… That’s why I am thankful all this day.

Affluence to Feed My Soul

The Overflowing Richness of this Infinite Kaleidoscope called Life is forever expressing into the ‘imminent details’ of every aspect of Its being. It is Opulence pouring forth; an Abundance opening up from the Heavens within. It is Substance on the Spiritual, Thought on the mental and Money in the physical. It is the Flow of Love and it is moving; a constant stream through all that is. It is the very essence and substance of my being and is my power in every instance. I am the conduit of Divine Riches into this experience of Life Now. I Am open and my word is my Oneness.

I declare right now that in every way I am blessed above all conditions. All life is mine and shows up in response to the Joy that arcs through my soul. The Infinite is upon my affairs. I am in the flow and money, mirth and majesty run through me as a presence of prosperity. In every moment I have enough and more than enough to be in this eternal state of appreciation.

My word is gratitude as my life pours over with the generosity. Soul’s great thanks for the Infinite has already realized the Word and this life is a dance of fulfillment and Joy Here and Now.

And So It Is

Affirmation: I accept the blessing of a prosperity today;
that brings to me lasting Joy and Play.

Steps To Freedom

There is Order, there is Presence, there is Life expressing in Infinite kaleidoscopic variation. It is the Life that exists in, through and as all life everywhere. It is the life of stars and planets and forests and creatures of every manner and it is the life that animates the cosmos and the human mind. In and of this Life I have my life. By the Infinite in my word I live, move and breath Law into form.

As there is process to the Infinite so it is with my heart and word. I take steps with detailed focus. I build definitely upon my divine knowingness and amp up the power of my word, igniting the fire of my desire. And I kindle the creative flames of my fervour with the alchemy of transmutation. With clear intention I make manifest the passion of my heart in every phrase. My actions, treatments and affirmations flow from the Divine push, laden with Power, and all my life is actualized into a testament to Love.

In the magnificence of this blossoming I find my joy and sing my gratitude. My inspiration has flowed forth from the Source already accomplished. My word is spoken and It Is Done Now.

And So It Is

Affirmation: Upon ‘method’ I grow today; I learn, I practice and I change.

Choosing Spirit

All life; born of the One Life is born into that One Life. It is All that is and as such is Self Fulfilling Perfection. All that my life ‘is’ is this One celebrating Itself through me, as me at the level of my choosing. I am the individualization of the Eternal upon my manifest experience and my word is my creation.

With every thought I am creating so right now I commit to the creation of my desire. I now think with purpose and dedicate my thought to the good that I would choose. I choose happiness and freedom, health, love and prosperity. I choose all that is good because I choose good; I choose spirit. Right now I dedicate my life with every thought and every action to the revelation of Spirit in my every experience. And all that Spirit is; joy, peace, love and creativity, is manifest in every aspect of this livingness now.

By the bounty of Spirit first in my life I am blessed and enriched. My life is such a pleasure of right choosing that every vibration of my soul is a Happy Dance to the Master Creator through whom my word has already found completion. And it is done Now.

And So It Is

Affirmation: This is my life and I make a real choice for Spirit today.

Deciding Happiness

Life is a Decision; in every moment the Infinite is choosing expression. Every choice is always for the highest good. God is Love and Love is Good. This One is All, in all, as all. I am one with this First Cause. It moves in me, through me, as me and is all that I am. I am the Decision in my affairs and my decision is Law to me.

Right here and now I decide to be happy. Happiness is the natural state of life. Every life is free to be happy and is made so in the moment of the decision. I decide now. I decide to be satisfied with the upward trend of my life, my relationships, my work and my play. Right now I choose to be that joy I would choose to see. I make my decision and act in perfect alignment. I find smiles and joy filled gestures come naturally and often. Comments of appreciation flow from heartfelt enthusiasm and I notice those little sparkles of beauty that bring joy into my moments.

My happiness is a song of appreciation growing stronger and longer with every breath I take. My joy finds root in the ancient depths of the Divine and blossoms with fragrance into the Light giving itself up to the Infinite and in this word now made eternal. I am happy and I am happy that it is so right now.

And So It Is

Affirmation: I Choose Happiness! It’s in my heart and soul Today.

Intelligent Thought

Life is infinite; Life is conscious. Life knows every aspect of the breadth of Its being. It is the nature of Life to act in intelligent harmony with the Love that It is; It only and ever expresses in the pure fullness of Love. I am the expression of Divine Intelligent Design. I am the perfect individualization of that infinite and perfect Intelligence and all I do springs from this Universal One.

I set my mind to intelligent thought. I think on creation, on craft, on beauty and design. I think on connection and cooperation, on dreams and desires; I fill every space of my mind with thoughts of my passion realized. Every thought I have is a sacred dance with the Divine and bears a rich harvest in all my affairs. The overflowing garden of my soul spills over and propagates a new crop of Love and Creativity in every heart I touch. By intelligent, focused design I build my heart, my dreams and my world into a field of Love, Peace and Joy.

With gratitude and directed intention I celebrate the outcome of transformation by my intelligent design. Great things are happening by Spirit through me, as me, and I let them happen. I have sown the seeds and released this word already; and even now it is done. With upwelling joy I release every intention knowing it is now complete.

And So It Is

Affirmation: I choose Love today because Love serves me Every Day.