Best Wishes To You 12 20 08

One of the greatest challenges with planting seeds, for me, is that as much as I would like to plant everything I only ever have enough room to plant a certain number and variety.  So this year I planted seeds for the Okanagan Centre and in my crop rotation I let certain other activities go fallow. 


This is a very healthy way of looking at the things we let go of within our lives.  Those things of value for me must be acknowledged even when I do not have the space for them at any given time.  Lightmail weekly writings has been one of those things that has been largely put aside.  I have allowed myself the gift of fallowing my consciousness.  I have been allowing a deepening of my desires and a broadening of my abilities.  I have put priorities upon my time that have allowed me to write only when inspiration can deliver my words in a determined time span.  My desire is that I grow in focus and effectiveness with my writing time.


Those in the ‘know’ say that successful people are always busy.  In my experience so are unsuccessful people who think they are busy.  It comes down to being a matter of the time we waste wondering whether what we are doing is right and perfect.  I am finding that if I care to complete a writing I must just do it.  I must let go of my need for perfection and trust my intention to deliver the perfect desires of my heart.


Tomorrow evening the Okanagan Centre will be holding its biggest annual service; our Candle Lighting Service.  This is an opportunity to shed the mysticism and pageantry of the mid winter rituals of a religious world and deliver a pure of a message of love, joy and transformation in an ambiance of sacredness.  It is a big event and as it grows, like everything has this year, I find I must lay aside personal control of all the details.  This has been a hard thing to do and simultaneously freeing experience for myself and the Centre.  What has become eminently clear to me is that I’m not all that adept at dealing with all those details anyway and the world is better off with me turning them over.  Again a very liberating realization. 

So this morning the day before the big event I am choosing to take a moment to wish you all the best of this season and this year.  In my heart I am trusting that you have experienced the profound that I have witnessed and in it found yourself experiencing greater joy and prosperity.  I am trusting that you to have planted the seeds of a magnificent crop and are, even now, witnessing the signs of an incredible bumper crop.  I know that I am, this coming year holds promise of incredible growth and abundance for me, my family and the Centre, and I am entering 2009 with a profound sense of expectancy. 


I truly look forward to sharing this good with you, your family and all your friends.

As a final note I would like to share my Christmas wishes through this link: 

All the best of this season.

With Love and Best Wishes,

Nov 11 08 “I Remember”

Today Is Remembrance Day here in Canada, Victory Day in the States and in many countries across the ocean it is Armistice Day.  On a day like today I find the challenge of being consciously alert to the patterns of my thinking almost a full time job in itself.  The tendency of thought seems to be toward loss; the ‘price’ we paid and the wars we fought. 



I would not consciously choose to allow my mental activity to revel in that playground.  I would not because ultimately I believe my thought is creative exactly according to its nature.  So my thought would then be adding to my own experience and a more general experience of loss.  My thought would be fanning the flames of war and conflict, and all the suffering they engender.  I do not believe any of us have idle thoughts, therefore I do my best to keep a conscious vigil.  I seek to remember peace today and every day; I seek to remember acts of empowerment, awakening and transformation.


I also believe that the only way I can determine the tendency of my thinking is through the patterns of my life.  For example the things that happen to me and around me are the waves of consequence of my past patterns of thinking.  I believe that every thing that catches my attention is a reflection of my tendency of thought.  If I am alert and catch the tendency I can change it, I can consciously co-create my experience be realigning my deeper patterns of thinking with harmonious unfoldment.  



So if this is true then ultimately I am saying that I am being or at least have been a participant in the atrocities that I have noticed in the world.  



At this point many a person would say that I am taking things, or in this case thoughts, just a little too far.  They would look at themselves and all their efforts to stop wars, to clean up the environment, to make social changes and they would choose to negate my words rather than their activities because ultimately to own my words would mean that they too are the cause of the very things they are so actively in opposition to.  This would be the first step of real change. 



Getting back to my original premise of personal responsibility I enter the realm of spirituality.  All the great spiritual teachings of the world espouse a field of oneness from which springs all apparent diversity.  This field of oneness is infinite and it is creative.  It creates through the formation of substance from energy.  I see this Infinite Creative Intelligence as being that energy which moves into form and through form binding it and giving it animation and individuality through self expression. I see it also as self evident that this energy is loving of all its creation and capable of responding to it s creation.  As I see it all that exists is in its essence this infinite field of energy expressing as all individual experiences.  Yet still it remains wholly and completely this one essence. 



So here it is; I may be an individual expression of this oneness however I am not, nor ever have been, separate from it.   Therefore any thoughts or advances toward creating greater security, approval or belonging are inherently acts of violence because they are an innate denial of our inherent oneness with the infinite and all life.  They are declarations of a lack of trust.  And they are thoughts, creative by their very nature and always seeking to create according to their original premise.


Therefore my first act of engagement for peace is to deal with my own feelings of inadequacy, insecurity and loneliness and the inherent thoughts that accompany them.  To be a part of peace I go within and find peace there, in that place of sacred stillness.  And today I will go there often, with every moment of conscious awareness of wandering and unconscious thinking. 


May I, this day, remember the truth of love and peace.

October 23 08


We are a creature of unconsciousness, most having no clue what causes in them these hidden desires and urges that seem to drift over the globe like emotional weather fronts.  Suddenly emotional weather patterns, lows and highs, collide and every person and their dog (miniature peek-a-poo) must have the latest iphone, join Mona Vie and get a new set of drapes for the living room.  Why is this?  Is it possible that emotions do exist like weather patterns?


It would seem they do and when they are uplifting, when we are under the influence of a field of joy filled emotions then everything is wonderful in our lives.


Today as I look outside preparing to go to the Centre I see that it is cloudy and cool with a little drizzle coming down.  I think I will wear a hat and raincoat as I head off to the Centre today, maybe an extra layer because the heating system has not been completed. 


It is important for me to take care of my comfort needs, if I don’t then I know my day will not be as enjoyable.  So recognizing that I will likewise be going out into emotional weather, how will I choose to dress up my consciousness in order to be comfortable? 


Well I might choose to do a little spiritual reading, maybe some creative visualization and a centering meditation, these things will all help.  Most of all I will ensure that I am bringing my consciousness with me because I am pretty sure that this atmosphere of emotion around me as I move through the many situations of my day will vary immensely.  Even on an off sort of day different groups of people seem to be more buoyant than others and I, like all of us, am capable of sensing that.   When I enter those stormy groups I generally check in with myself and ensure I am appropriately dressed with an extra layer of loving presence.


One group of people who do this well are sales people, those ones who always know exactly what it is you are looking for,  they are trained to be particularly sensitive to moods. 


Although we can learn much from their canniness it is important that we maintain our own loving intention.  We must be about giving rather than getting, we must be in the business of unification and upliftment if we are to maintain emotional comfort in our daily lives, because if we don’t the lack patterns we and those around us hold will eventually seep in like the subtle cold onset of hypothermia.


In this world people wonder how it is that they can be overcome with emotional distresses or more dramatically emotional disorders.  When it happens they go running to their doctor who says they have developed some physical imbalance or another.  He prescribes a series of pills to make them whole again, kind of like taking steroids to make us strong enough to face the elements rather than putting on an extra layer of clothing.  It will work temporarily yet sooner or later the body will wear down.


So in this world of emotional storms it is my daily choice to fortify my awareness with the radiant sunshine of love and light.  As I enter each encounter I seek to be aglow with the light of love and allow myself to offer an umbrella of peace to the invisible storms that seem to rage around us.  I remind myself to be weather sensitive and sensible so I don’t get to many sniffles while playing in this universal sandbox with all my friends.



October 8, 2008


Every day when I showed up and looked around for the most pressing job of the moment to sink into I also thought of the people it would touch.  I thought of an ambiance, I thought of the art, I thought of people I’ve never met who would come  walking through our new doors; and I got dirty, sawdust, gyproc, metal, dirt and paint became my colours at days end.  Those who showed up found their spiritual director disguised as a builder, a labourer, a general renovator.


It was a great and busy summer and the work is now pretty much done. 


Once again I reach that point of shift where I get to re-evaluate my time and priorities.  I know this is important because I find myself in that old familiar place of expectancy.  It probably feels like this when an astronaut experiences zero gravity; choices all around but somehow disconnected and needing a push to get me moving.

And then as if the great big gravity switch is flipped on, suddenly my world snaps back into its new direction, my stomach suffers a severe jerk, like entering a new world, I’m caught again in the demands of the moment. 

I’m really wishing I hadn’t been eating so much.  And I’m really wishing I had read a few less of those science fiction short stories.


Now ‘though I am back on my track, I have made my decisions, refocused my vision and like a race car coming into the straight stretch I am once again moving forward and gaining speed (and trusting the driver knows what s/he’s doing ‘cause this feels really fast).


The race car is such a perfect metaphor for how life unfolds when we have a clear vision, because there is such a powerful motive driving us forward.  In a true vision we have already exercised our free will, we have said to ourselves this is my path and it’s worth following until I hit the finish line.  There is definitely no room for changing my mind and there is no room for second guessing.  There is a daily, moment to moment thrill as the unexpected leaps into perspective and, with uncanny regularity proves itself to be our divine opportunity of the moment. 

Still there has to be a willingness to stay with that vision, to keep our foot on the expectancy pedal and avoid the fear pedal, the brake.


I was once on a long journey with my family, six hours from home, ten at night, in the old volkswagon van.   The clutch broke!  I could have stopped at a motel and found a mechanic to fix it.  I could have spent another couple days away, but lets face it I had a volkswagon, not a pocket of money.  I made the decision to drive home without a clutch.  Braking was a seriously weighed option only chosen out of absolute necessity for the remainder of the drive. 


When we have a clear vision we will constantly challenge ourselves to reevaluate ‘common sense’ in the framework of fear.  And often we will choose to go forward where others would fear to pass, not because we are brave, crazy or obsessed.  We go forward simply because our vision gives us no other option, and with vision fear is not an option.


So here I am moving forward in a very exciting new leg on my spiritual journey, totally alive as the infinite good of life pours into my experience.


This is so fun!  This is exciting!  This is truly living!


What is your vision?

May 05 2008 “Oneness”


Recently, in their study of the bee, entomologists have come to realize that the organism is not the individual bee, it is the hive.  A single bee can only live away from the hive for a couple hours before it will die, exactly because it is one cell of the hive.  The hive cannot live without the queen because she is the central organ of the hive.  And when she lays the egg of another queen the hive is giving birth to a new hive.  If a nest is destroyed the hive will swarm, travel as one, until it locates a new location and builds a new hive. 

I have no doubt that in the field of biology we are about to make this same discovery over and over again.  We, upon closer inspection, will realize that ants too are hive beings.  We will see this is true of other insects, locusts, gnats and other insects that cluster.

Then as we evolve, or heal, in our collective consciousness we will start to realize that fish in their schools and birds in their flocks are also hive beings of a slightly different magnitude.  We will realize that this is exactly why flocks of birds fly and turn with such incredible precision; it is not because they are intuitively connected so much as that they are one.

One day some far seeing biologist will see and be recognized in his or her great realization, “Oh my God, even animals are beings of collective consciousness.”  The wolves, the buffalo, gazelles, and elephants all in their herds, their packs and their family units are each hives of a different magnitude of space.

At the point that we realize that eagles and other “predators” at the top of the ‘food chain’ are actually hive consciousness of the greatest expansiveness we will be close to embracing humanity as one, not as a concept in our heads but rather as intellectual foundation.   It may take us years or even Centuries to reach this race consciousness, still it is coming, and I suspect far sooner than we might have expected even a couple years ago.

Today the popular concept in modern and many eastern spiritual philosophies is that; “we are not human beings having a spiritual experience we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”  This was a wonderful breakthrough in the evolution of human spiritual philosophy; still it has not gone far enough.  Ultimately we will realize that we are ‘Spirit’, as in one infinite beingness, having a human experience through a process of individualization.  We are each an individualization of an infinite intelligence.  We are each that one intelligence looking at Itself from the perspective of space/time separation.

You and I are not separate from each other; we are simply each localized and unique perspectives of the One looking upon itself.  When we quit the pervasive influence of our five senses we begin to feel the subtle presence of oneness, the truth of who we are. 

Often what keeps us in denial of this holistic awareness is a pervasive belief that, “If I accept an idea like that I will lose my individuality.”  Losing our individuality will be the healthiest most joy-filled occasion in the evolution of humanity and any person.  It will mean the end of fear and conflict of any kind.  It will be the end of getting more at the expense of any other.  In short it will be the end of mass insanity.  And the process of individualization will not come to an end, the Infinite will continue to want to look upon itself from every conceivable angle, and we are that which is the witness of the One.  Identity contrary to popular psychology is not a product of individuality, it is a product of the Infinite completely giving itself into all aspects of It’s beingness.  We as individualizations of the One, it follows, must be co-eternal with the One for we are all of that which we look upon.

Back to the beginning and the rampant affliction of humanity; the first cause of all disease is mental stress.  All mental stress is caused by the conflict that arises from a perception of separation; there must be an ingrained belief that you are separate from and therefore potentially denied the fullness of life.  If you did not believe this you would have nothing to be anxious about.

Where there is only one there can be no conflict.  There can still be violence as in a sudden shift of energy, and tension as in the buildup of force due to a resistance to change.  When all humans perceive their intrinsic oneness there will be no judgment of right or wrong, good or bad any more than there would be around the loss of baby teeth in a child growing up.  It will simply be the universe ‘is’ing, moving from form to energy and back into form.  So the awakening at a heart and soul level to the oneness of all life is the only cure to the rampant malady of human egocentricity.


March 26 2008

Light Mail                                                                                           March 26, 2008


Seven years ago I underwent a major career transition; I was called to become a minister within this spiritual philosophy I practice; New Thought, some of what I see as leading edge, global transformation spirituality.  When I first embarked upon this path I believed somehow that it would be a spring stroll, after all I was being guided, literally compelled in this new direction.


I shouldn’t have been so naïve.  Spirit doesn’t impel us into a Sunday stroll excusing the play on words.  It always moves us on the path of our greatest growth opportunity; this implies growth, change, inner conflict and transformation which usually come about through outer conflict.  I was no different than all those people whose footsteps I followed.  I was not somehow the special one; not that I consciously assumed I would be.  Just deep down, somewhere in the echoes of my unconscious mind there was, could I say a certain smugness, a belief that somehow my choosing would be a bed of roses because I knew my calling was real.  


Whatever that feeling might have been I couldn’t have been more completely wrong.   Almost immediately the life I had been living was dashed to pieces.  I found myself living Humpty Dumpty’s nursery rhyme, trying to fit the pieces back together.


The beauty of my crisis was the beauty of every crisis, it is the embryo of a new opportunity.  

Once we get ourselves out of the way!


I did and Lightmail was born.  As I began to grow my Centre a number of my, what I call, key players moved away, often to areas devoid of a New Thought presence, sometimes void of any ‘conscious’ presence.  I missed them; in those first years those were the ones I most wanted to stand by me.  Once I got over my own loss I recognized their loss; what they, some even many of you, had given up spiritually in order to follow your inner callings.  


I thought long and hard about how I could honour your commitment to inner growth and your own ‘awakening to your spiritual magnificence’ in such far flung corners of the world.  Lightmail was my answer.  It started with only a few.  In a short time it proved its value through its growth.


But lately I’ve lost my writing spark. I have not been satisfied; I have felt an inner urge telling me something needed to change.  I haven’t felt that irrepressible urge to write anything, and without it I am unable to write.  I started to feel a general falling away of Lightmail readers, maybe not physically but certainly energetically.  As if there was a new urge to grow and I was missing it.


Then, about an hour ago it struck me.  It woke me from a sound sleep, and brought me here, to my computer and you.


Aside from the lack of regular weekly inspirations my timeliness has been wonky and a little sporadic, in part because, at least for the past month I have been very busy with a new project.  One that has been wildfire through the cutting edge spiritual community we all belong to, I’m speaking of the Oprah/Tolle Online Webinar.  


The Okanagan Centre advertised in our local paper and through Oprah’s website, offering a supporting study group.  We had over sixty people respond.  We have created three groups, limited to a maximum of twenty people each, who are showing up for two hour group study sessions.  It has become a large commitment of my time and our Centre’s resources; and very exciting. 


I discovered how large our spiritual community within Vernon is; people who had been studying all alone in their homes discovered overnight they were not so very alone.  

Wow!  Over two million people world wide for the Webinars.  Just in Vernon one bookstore alone has sold over seven hundred copies of the book “A New Earth” by Tolle.  It really is an idea whose time has come.


So here is the idea that woke me up.  Why not create online study groups.  Not just for this book but for all the classes and workshops the Centre offers; Science of Mind, Tolle, Chopra, Dyer and other authors.  Subjects like dream interpretation, meditation, spiritual community action, inner and outer growth; whatever will make the difference.  Any time, anywhere you could drop in and explore with a growing community the ideas that will make the difference in your life.


What an idea; using the web to bring us together in spiritual community, to grow, nurture and support ourselves and each other. The Centre already has the online facilities with it’s forum, I’m sure my webmaster could easily set up an online ‘study hall’ in the forum and even find a way to utilize online ‘Skype like’ video technology to make the experience more tangibly present. 


If this idea is appealing to you or anyone you know simply respond to with yes in the subject line.  I will keep you informed of interest and general progress.


Now maybe I can go to bed and back to sleep. 

Good night all.

March 19 2008

Flesh and blood and bone and sinew
Are as matter of the Spirit
Are as form made up of Spirit
Are as shadows cast forth from It
From a stuff no one has seen.

How then can this subtle substance
Shape itself in form of body
Become flesh and blood of body
Become bony part of body
Become sinew of the body
Become a form that’s foul or fair?

This the alchemy of Spirit
This the secret  is of Spirit,
That the food we take in body
That the water drunk by body
That the air diffused in body
Should itself become a body,
This the miracle of life.

How can this of ether only
How can this from nature taken
Blind with thought we do not see?
How can yearning, feeling, striving
How can secret thoughts of passion
Brought to us from unseen river
Be as body, form as body
Become flesh and blood of body,
By the alchemy of unknown
Made of what we do not see?

Is not this the secret meaning
Is not this the holy meaning
is not this the unknown meaning
Of the flesh and blood of Christ?
When the bread we take in body
When of air we breathe in body
When of wine we drink in body
Is not this the eucharist?

He, the one who knew its meaning
He, the one who saw its meaning
He, the one who felt its meaning,
Is the one who spread the table
Is the one who filled the chalice
Is the one who broke the bread.
This he did to teach the lesson
This he did to give the reason
This he did to show that substance
Is of Spirit formed and held,
Is by Spirit freely given
Is by Spirit Gladly given
Is by Spirit always given,
By a process nature planned.

This the secret of the ages
This the wisdom of the wise men
This the truth they sought for
This is what they found within,
Body has a perfect pattern
Body has an unseen substance
Body has a complete likeness
In the Life and Mind of God.
But this unseen perfect pattern
And this unseen complete likeness
Is not hidden in the heavens
Is not far away from earth,
Is not distant from our landscape
Is not poised in air above us
Is not hidden under water
Is not buried in the ground.

Where then, is this perfect pattern
Where then, is this subtle body
Where then, is this unseen likeness
To the body that we see?
This the teaching of the ages
This the truth the wise discovered
This the lesson that they taught us
This the secret that they found.

Everything on earth has pattern
Everything that is, has likeness
Every form we see has mooring
In that, from which all form comes,
In the ether, in the silence,
In the subtle inner substance
In the unseen cause of causes
In the life and mind of God.
In this pattern always given
In this pattern always held these
Is the likeness of our body
Is the pattern of each member
Is an image of each action.

And this body in the ether
With its members attached to us
With its head and hands part of us
with its eyes and feet part of us
Is not distant from the body that we see
Is the substance of this body
Is the form and shape of body
Is the likeness of this body
Is the pattern of this body
In the life and mind of God?

This the body that the Christ knew
This the body that he spoke of
This the body he took with him,
On his mount of transition
On his dawn of resurrection
On the day he left behind him
Nothing that human eye could see.
For the pattern he brought with him
And his likeness in the unseen
Could not die nor be destroyed.

Only image of his pattern
Only image of his unseen
Only image of his likeness
Hung upon the cross of treason
Or was buried in the tomb.
But because he knew the reason
And because he understood
That the likeness of his pattern
And the image of his pattern
Were not separate in truth,
He could raise the image fleshy
To the likeness of its pattern
To the form forever giving
To the form forever held there
To the body that’s eternal
To its everlasting day.

This the message that he gave us
This the lesson that he taught us
This is what he cam to earth for
This the purpose of his life.
But the lesson would be useless
And his message without meaning
And his mission would be fruitless
Unless we his footsteps follow.
This he told his closest followers
And he told them when he let them
That the Spirit ever with them
Would reveal to them the meaning
Of the words he spoke unto them
Of the lesson that he gave them
When the image of his pattern
And the likeness of his pattern
Sojourned here on earth among them
Talked and tarried with them
Till the day of his ascension
Till the dawn of his transition
Till the time of his departure
To the realms of the unseen.

This the lesson that he gave them
These the words he spoke unto them, –
Go thou, too, and do that likewise.
So the Spirit that was with them
And the life that never left them
Perfect pattern of their image
Perfect likeness of their image
Caused them to awake and listen
To the voice of all creation
To the cause of all created
To the father of all mankind
To the maker of all earthkind.

Caused them to awake and listen
Caused them always to remember
That they too had unseen patter
That they too had inner likeness
That all mankind has likeness
In the mind and life of God.


May this Easter Season be a bessing to your home and heart,


March 5 08

I will emphasize here that when I speak of a dream in this way I am talking about a vision.  Ford had a dream of transportation for all.  Gandhi had a dream of a world free of apartheid.  These are the sorts of dreams that are visions.

So how do we learn to dream big?  The first step in dreaming big is learning to get our littleness out of the way.  Our littleness is how we define ourselves.  It is the work we do or have done, our relationship, the things we own, what our spouse and children do, any thought that defines us by our environment.  For most of us this concept of who we are according to what we have is all we know.  This is our littleness, even if we have a lot of it, this is our littleness. 

Concepts and definitions of ourselves based on have and do, by their very nature are limiting.  So no matter how big, materially, our dream may be it is not a big dream.  It is a limiting dream.  It is a goal.  Goals are good to have but they are not dreams even if we dream about reaching our goals and the ‘good life’ they may confer they are still not dreams, they do not stretch our vision into the unknown.  They are attainable and therefore limiting, they limit our potential rather than expand it and so keep us rigidly locked into an empiricists measure of reality. 

A real dream, a big dream, must never find completion, by its very nature it exists outside the realm of  “I can do that”.  It will be the ever unfolding blueprint of a life filled with passion.  And passion is integral to the realization of dreams.  In fact a person cannot even begin to dream without first finding their passion. 

We each have passion but can quickly lose touch with that passion as we become enamored by the stuff of life. When we are young the world around us makes a very big deal about the necessities, gifts and rewards we receive.  Through association we naturally attach our appreciation to those things.  Unconsciously we have invested in an idea that things give us pleasure.  From that point on we have stepped onto a merry little roller coaster of ‘craving and gratification’. 

The challenge before us is in breaking those associations.  Things do not give us pleasure.  Connection gives us pleasure; connection to life.  It is the degree of connection we attach to an object that gives it value.  If we perceive an object will give us more connection we have a greater desire for that object.  We then set a goal to get it, often unconsciously.  We strive for that thing and eventually we get it.  We discover little feeling of connection from that new car, house or vacation.  We feel disappointed, often blaming those who have provided it for us.  We set new goals and discard the unfulfilling object, a memory of more empty dreams.  Eventually we grow tired of this game, we lose our passion, often falling into chronic depression or other forms of physical and mental disease.

There are only two answers; death or discovery.  No one reading this is interested in the former option.  We want discovery, we want to rediscover our passion, we want to find what truly brings joy into our hearts.  And as I said before that is connection!  So it naturally follows that the dream which will bring to us fulfillment is a dream that incorporates the need or desire for connection. 

The real trick with connection is that it can only be received through giving as it can only truly be given through receiving. To illustrate; have you ever hugged a person and received no participation, there was no satisfaction because there was no connection.  Have you ever been given a gift of great monetary value from a distant acquaintance which had no meaning to you?  Same thing.  We must first be willing to make giving, not of things rather of itself, the focus of our lives.  There may be times when our giving is not reciprocated but they will be few and they will direct us toward life enhancing action, because, beyond any doubt life favours connection.  The nature of life, its primary core urge, is to make and celebrate connection. 

Therefore your question for a fuller richer life is what and how do I want to give in order to make connection with life as a whole and why is that important to me?  Your dream by the very nature of dreaming must only include doing and getting in relation to the vision of giving.  If you identify this vision or passion first, your goals will naturally fall into their rightful place and your whole life will be a springboard to greater joy.

So have fun discovering  and living your dream.

Feb 27 2008

Daily Inspiration: A positive attitude is perhaps more important at home than anywhere else. As spouses and parents, one of our most vital roles is to help those we love feel good about themselves. ~Keith Harrell

Today’s Affirmation: I take the good in me to the world I see.

Today's Contemplation: It takes a commitment and determination to choose to find the good in moments of tension in relationships, still it is possible with a little pertinacity to bring love to every moment. 

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I can not guarantee that you won’t get bad luck from not having forwarded your lucky email; someone on this list may be a spammer.  You may receive an invitation to buy some pills, for almost nothing, that are guaranteed to make your sex life perfect.  You may get a request from some foreign executor who wants to give you 250, yes that’s 250 million dollars just for being their drop bank.  You may receive notification Mrs. Abigail Stacey that you have won the national lottery of England.

You may get a lot more spam in your email inbox and if you are really lonely and really don’t have a life with friends you might just get all excited because you got email.  It is possible that one of the people who gets your email will really be a spammer and send you a virus, then for only a couple hundred dollars that you didn’t need you can support your local computer geek, and get that much needed computer upgrade you weren’t expecting until next year.

I do know that if you choose not to forward Lightmail to your 20 best friends you will not subsequently get any bad luck.  No you won’t get the rare and unheard of zhutzhi flu that causes you to swell up in unusually strange places and invariably leads to an uncomfortable death, or worse yet, diarrhea for a week.  You are absolutely no more likely to have a serious accident, go bankrupt, be excluded from your beloved aunts will or be divorced by your wife right after she received the winning ticket in the national lottery.  In fact nothing you have not already created with your fixed beliefs and actions is likely to occur. 

Conversely if you do choose to forward this or any issue of Lightmail you will not necessarily receive great dividends of good luck.  Your life will continue on pretty much as normal.  You will still get to go to the job that you may or may not remember how to appreciate.  You will still have all the responsibilities for paying back any uncontrolled Christmas spending and your children will not necessarily behave any better.

I can promise that if you consciously choose to send this to someone in particular you believe will be uplifted and inspired by the message you will get a warm feeling.  You will acquire just a little more buoyancy in your step and will find yourself going through the day with a secret smile upon your face because you have done a small thing that has enriched a life.  You will feel better because you have taken conscious action to make another feel better.  I do promise that as you walk through your day just a little bit brighter you will naturally attract people who care to share your joy.  Those above you will want to lift you up and those below you will seek to bask in your light.  Good things will naturally happen to you because you have consciously chosen to do a good thing.

And that is what Living Under Conscious Knowledge is; so yes you may find yourself having just a little more luck in your affairs.  I know I have.  So if you choose, if you would like to receive this on a daily or weekly basis (the daily is short such as what I started with and the weekly is longer, about the length of this full message) then simply reply to this email with subscribe and in the next day or so you will be added to the list.  Your address will never be passed on for any reasons and you will only rarely receive messages of any other nature, usually announcing events for your  personal empowerment. 

I wish you the best of days.

Sincerely, your Lightmail Elf