Oct 25, 2006

It appears that this Law of Entropy flies in the face of religion, suggesting that the work of an everlasting Creator is flawed.  There is some sense that time is the great leveler of God as well as humanity.  Yet when we see it as merely part of a greater equation, the Law of Entropy suggests simple harmony. 

To view this law by itself is akin to viewing our lives from the trash can, only ever seeing the garbage going out.  This we all know would be an exemplary flaw in perception, yet it is a flaw consistent with the views of fatalists throughout the ages.

The Law of Entropy works in perfect harmony with two other laws; the Law of Conservation and the Law of Creation.  The Law of Conservation states that any object in motion will travel the path of least resistance.  For example water will always flow around solid objects and falling objects will take the most direct route to the ground. Also it is the foundation of at least one of Newton’s laws; any object will remain at rest or in motion unless acted upon by an outside force.

The Law of Creation states that life promotes life.  Life will always seek to create, the nature of life is creation and procreation.  All life will continue to promote itself, will draw to itself all that supports and celebrates its existence to the level of its consciousness.  This means very simply that the more self aware an entity is the more creative it is.  Or in human terms, the more conscious one is of their innate divinity the more creative they will be.

So how do these three laws work together?

It is most important that we first understand that the Universe, or God if you prefer, is bound by the Laws of its existence.  Life, any life, cannot act outside of the very structure that defines it.  Only ignorance can hold such a superstition, such a belief in magic.  Today’s educated all realize that the only existence of magic is from the perspective of incomplete knowledge. 

Therefore the Law of Creation as God, you, your pet or the flower in your yard, is bound by the Law of Conservation.  All life will unfold from the most available resources.  The most available resources will always be those which are in the process of decomposition.  Life does not die; it simply moves into greater levels of expression as self aware cause. 

And when it does the substance of its outer expression; the atoms and molecules it clothed itself in begin to break down to their most basic level in preparation for re-creation.  They become latent energy in order to feed the next level of creation.  In the greater picture breakdown of substance occurs because the creative process is drawing to itself building blocks for new creations.

Wow!  This means that your creative ideas are the cause of the deterioration of old and worn out products of past creative ideas.  Objects deteriorate because life, whether it is a brain surgeon or bacteria, is seeking to support the growth of life.  All life unfolds from an intention, from a thought combined with desire. 

All life in your world unfolds from your collective desires.  That is the shared desires of yourself and those people you have drawn into your circle.  This also means that if we collectively no longer care for some past creation it will become the substance of new creations.

So very simply the Law of Entropy is the promise of the dominion of conscious creativity, the promise that what you think of and desire with passion and with no thought of loss to another, will come to you.

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Oct 18, 2006

However if you happen to be one of those who believe that we are spiritual beings who, by some nature that you may or may not understand, are having a human experience I suspect we are walking on, at least, parallel paths.  The great challenge for most of us on this path is to recognize the full importance of the human experience without getting lost in it. 

It is so easy to be critical of natural human urges and desires when truly we are here to celebrate them consciously.  As Teilhard de Chardin said, “The greatest Glory of God is man, fully human, fully alive.”  The alive part is where most of us get hung up, to be alive we must be present with our desires and passions, not in denial of them.

There is a wonderful story of two monks of an order that is sworn to have no physical contact with women.  They are hiking through the mountains back to their monastery when they come to a strong river; there is a beautiful young woman stranded on the river bank unable to cross.  Much to the surprise of the younger monk the older one offers to carry the woman across the river. 

Finally many hours and miles later the younger monk reproaches the older one with strong words, “You have broken our covenant and touched a woman!”  the older monk responds, “I carried her across the river and put her down, you after all these hours and miles are still carrying her.”

Often in our desire to be spiritual we rail upon ourselves for being human; for having feelings, desires and passions.  Often we push them down; we hide them and deny to ourselves we could possibly feel that way.  Often in our denial we create illness, and suffering.

We somehow think it is wrong to be human yet that is the great purpose of life.  We are here to celebrate our divinity through the joy of human interaction.  We are here to give life, and love and happiness.  We are here to share our creativity, warmth and passion. 

There is only one purpose for our human existence and that is to celebrate with joy and gladness the fullness of our sacred being.  There is only one thing to learn and that is how to celebrate from the very core of our being. There is only one thing to teach anyone and that is who we are; not all we have nor what we know.

With so many people running around thinking we are really a measure of what we have and do, it has become very easy for us spiritual beings to forget who we are.  With so many people believing their only measure of eternal life is based upon how much they amass and for what they are remembered, it becomes easy for us to forget that life is about giving and not getting. 

With so many people trying so hard to measure up to someone else’s idea of perfect in order to catch a ride on that heaven ship it’s pretty easy for us to forget to be making our heaven right now, right here in our hearts, our homes and families and communities. 

It certainly is easy to become distracted from our spiritual truth.  It certainly is easy to occasionally miss the mark but that really is ok because really the healing is complete in the remembering.  If you know yourself to be a spiritual being having a human experience you will definitely know what I am talking about.  We will recognize each other with a mutual sparkle in our eyes at a bank, in a garage, we will share a smile and bring just a little more heaven into everybody’s earth.

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Oct 11, 2006

I stand for compassion.  I stand for the right and desire of every person to know and feel the needs of every soul we meet and for the desire to bring them some level of fulfillment through our thoughts, words and actions.

I stand for prosperity.  I stand for the right of every human being to have more than enough food, water, clothing, shelter, education and health for the pursuit of happiness.

I stand for love.  I stand for every action that is life promoting and I stand for the right of every person to be recognized for their intention back of an action, even a counter productive action, and supported to act in accord with this universal life promoting intention.

I seek to live by Jesus’ example. This is what the great teacher Jesus taught and it is the foundation of every Christian philosophy.

I seek to live according to the ideals of every religion that are in alignment with my values. I am convinced that my principles are in alignment with the values of every world religion.

I seek in every way to live according to these convictions.  I support every social, moral, economical and political activity that is in alignment with these principles to the full measure of my ability.  I continually use discernment; always turning from misaligned actions and moving toward harmonious actions. 

I speak out for all such actions and principles that promote harmony and peace. I help and encourage those who desire to live in alignment with these principles to the fullest of my ability. 

My final goal, my vision is nothing less than the fulfillment of these universal values on a global scale purely by the process of example, not by coercion or dominance of any kind.

I know that the process will always determine the outcome; all action must be in complete alignment with desires for the outcome in order to reflect the vision.  This is a law of nature and is as true morally, socially, economically and politically as it is scientifically.  It is just as true globally as it is true personally.  No matter what the apparent outcome, it is as true for every other person as it is right here, right now for me.

I am convinced that every person every where is capable of living in full alignment with these principles and will begin to live them when in the company of those who are already living them.   

I know there are many who are already living these principles.  They do not belong to any single group, class or religion because no sect and no creed can claim ownership of the one truth.  They are not necessarily public people although often they are.  Some of them are visible while some of them make hardly a wave.  They are each completely individual; completely unique. 

In their own expression of it, each of them is filled with a deep sense of fulfillment (or peace, calm, joy…) because each of them is giving their fullest into life.  None of them is beyond making mistakes, being hurt or even hurting others; to look closely at them one might accuse them of being very imperfect.  Still they know their deepest intentions and continue to move ever more completely into alignment with those high intentions.

Today; this week as you are going through your daily routine look around, see if you can tell who they are.  See if you can detect their high intentions; you might just discover your neighbour, or maybe your boss, an employee, a street person or even a ‘derelict’.  Look in the mirror, maybe you will discover you.

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Sept 27, 2006

We do these things and we don’t intend to.  Most of us declare to ourselves that it is too late, the damage is done, sometimes righteously and sometimes deeply humbled, hoping this will be the last time.  It is never too late.

Very few of us take any thought about how we might set things right even if we sincerely wish to be able to.  Most of us most of the time just get on with our lives as soon as we can push the uncomfortable moment away.

I once met a young fellow who said, “Every morning when I wake up I marinate both my feet because I at least want them to taste good when I stick them in my mouth”.  Wise words behind the wise crack; hidden in that comment was a daily forgiveness of his humanness.  There is a deep need for us to forgive ourselves for our humanness; after all we are all human and therefore we will cause hurt and occasionally be hurt by others. 

Forgiveness (or surrender, letting go or whatever words we choose) is an important step in our individual evolution.  Until we can forgive ourselves we cannot begin to acknowledge our own faults and weaknesses; this goes for all of us. 

True forgiveness is always the first step in healing ourselves.  Before we can accept any thing new for ourselves we must ‘empty the cup’, we must clear away the old pain to allow for a new experience of joy into our lives.  True forgiveness can only be done by us for us.  No one else can do it; not our parents, our pastor, our priests or even God. 

The misconception that we must go through our church to find forgiveness is one of the great sins of enslavement practiced by many of today’s world religions.  We don’t need an intermediary; what we need is a willingness and desire to change.  We need to want to become better people. 

We see the world around us seemingly coming apart at the seams often in complete despair wondering if we can do anything.  The answer is yes, unequivocally yes.  We can change ourselves.  That is the one thing we can do and that is the only real thing we can do. 

We must learn to be visible examples of our humble determination.  This is not some exercise in grandstanding, this is not about loudly proclaiming our virtues nor is it about announcing our morality.  This is about standing tall in our integrity and conviction. 

Each time we manage to cast off another shackle of dogma, of imposed morality; each time we discover our own morality, is a time of celebration and rejoicing.  We need to learn to stand up proudly and say look at me, I’m free.  Just like the child who discovers to walk and talk, we must learn to let our enthusiasm bubble over. 

Most of us adults have so thoroughly forgotten how to be childlike in our joy and pain we have become unchangeable, we have become entrenched in our fortresses of moralistic suffering. 

We must each learn to let go of our mistakes (forgive) and change the actions, thoughts and beliefs that led to those mistakes.  When we hut someone with our words and actions the first step is to forgive ourselves; but that is just the first step.  We must then go into our consciousness and memories and root out the belief that validated our hurtful words. 

We must go as deep as we have too to find that hurtful belief, we must exorcize it, remove it completely from our personal and world view.  We must then replace it with a new idea that promotes life and happiness.  And when we have successfully done this we must celebrate; let our world see the joy upon our faces. 

For in that moment we have changed the world as no politician, soldier or religious leader ever can.  It is only you, the human being being human that can change the world.  And it is done one step at a time.  Whether you start today, tomorrow or in a year it will still be you and it will still be one step at a time. 

So if you are ready start today.

Blessings,  Image

Sept 20, 2006

When I use a word such as conflict, I do not connote a problem.  Yet more often than not for most people conflict is a problem.  Most people don’t want to make personal changes.  Yet those personal changes are necessary in a world that is so quickly evolving.  It has become increasingly necessary for people to change careers, homes, lifestyles, hobbies, vehicles and even simple things like appliances and communication methods on a regular basis. 

And it seems that just when they are starting to feel comfortable with a level of change the pressure gets turned up.  Not only are we constantly being forced to deal with external change but we are being forced to deal with our thoughts about those changes; our personal relationship to the changes being imposed upon us.

In my experience change really only hurts when we have already made up our minds about what the change is supposed to look like; which almost all of us have almost completely done.  We have decided before we have begun what our life will look like and nowhere in that image have we included the possibility of the unexpected.  Nor could we. 

To be constantly expecting the unexpected is paranoia and that, it appears to me, is the biggest nightmare of our present western political outlook.  Our politicians by unconscious popular mandate seem to be increasingly buying into a fear and force driven philosophy of get them before they can get us.  This is the absurd approach of a self righteous and guilt ridden system.  And always the collective consciousness of a nation will show up in its individual lives.  So here we are experiencing personal conflict. 

Simply stated, that is the why so many people of our world have this personal conflict.  The question then becomes, how do we deal with it?

To deal with problems we must recognize the root cause of problems.  As I said before conflict happens when things occur out of alignment with our individual idea of change.  Our idea of the way events should unfold is our opinion and our measurement of life’s changes against our opinion is our judgment of the experience.  So we only really have a problem when we hold opinions and judge circumstance. 

On the most basic level all we need to do to eliminate problems from our lives, to eliminate conflict, is to eliminate our opinions and judgments.  Our problem, and the conflict, exist because we accept our opinions as law; immutable and uncompromising.  Many of us would rather take our opinions to the grave than change them. 

We have no problem looking at others and being critical of how opinionated they are yet we remain blind to our own opinions.  In fact often the only way we can surmise what our personal opinions or beliefs may be is through the pain we experience from conflict.  And since every one of us has an inner mandate to become a greater expression of our highest vision of ourselves we continually push ourselves into the front lines of friction. 

We continually give ourselves the opportunity to see who we really are and how we must change to fulfill that inner mandate for greatness.  When we deny our place in the conflict we do two things.  First we insure that we will create new and different opportunities (conflicts) to learn that same ‘lesson’. 

Secondly, we limit the amount of good we can experience in this moment of our lives.  This limiting factor happens simply because in unresolved confrontation we are withholding love.  Where love is withheld so to is every form of prosperity relating to love.  May you find the strength to place your love before your opinions in any conflicts before you.

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Sept 13, 2006

Yet still I know my cash flow from the work I love to do is assured enough to meet my basic needs and even exceed them, allowing for relaxation, contemplation and play.  Yet still with all this assurance there is a background sense of anxiety.

I have a happy home; I have a beautiful wife who loves me as much as I love her.  We play together, we work together and we support each others dreams of joy and self fulfillment.  We help each other out and give moral and physical energy to empower each other.  Still with all this good there is the littlest sense of back ground fear.  Most people probably wouldn’t even be aware of it.

Most of the people I know and meet are so engulfed in their day to day plans for tomorrow that to be present right here and now is a most uncomfortable sensation.  I suspect it is safe to assume that if the average westerner is not reading something they are either listening to a background radio or TV; often they are doing both.  They are completely oblivious to how and what they are thinking about most of the time, and that is exactly how they want it.

In the self development classes I teach I often include an exercise of meditating for two minutes twice a day; once first thing in the morning and then again once last thing in the evening.  Most participants in my classes find this to be the most challenging homework they receive.  To actually spend time alone, in silence, with their thoughts is so foreign in the world we live in that it is uncomfortable at least and for most, scary.

People are not comfortable with themselves; to be in their own company they must listen to all their random thoughts; and often those thoughts are fearful and angry.  So it is that we see on our highways, the one place where people are often trapped with their thoughts, such angry thoughts and actions being directed to other motorists, ‘road rage’.  Anger is a fundamental way of disowning our fears and guilt, yet still it does not go away just because we are angry.  It just becomes more of a foundation.

The real answer to anger, guilt and fear is faith, and not the medieval kind of magic where somebody out there is going to rescue us and take us home to some far flung fairy land after we are already dead.  Rather faith in something discernable and measurable in our affairs.  A faith based upon a power that works unfailingly in our lives in this present moment.

We all have faith in science and technology, we basically trust that when we flip a light switch the light will go on.  Our daily lives moment to moment are based on such faith; we need no more faith than this to release the anxieties that bind our thinking patterns.  There is a power for good back of all life and it is available to us.  It is available through our conscious and disciplined thinking.  By practicing; by building on the successes in our lives we build a faith that will dissolve our fears.

Blessings,  Image

Sept 06, 2006

For the world to change people must change.  This would imply that for the world to change my way I must change people to my way of thinking.  For better or worse this is exactly what we cannot do.  Not because we don’t want to, rather only because it is not humanly possible to change another persons way of thinking. 

It is possible to force a physical change in people; we can make them ‘get along’, we can with bullying force demand that they live our way.  But we cannot have a lasting effect upon them through any use of force.  As soon as we let up the pressure all people will revert back to their way of thinking and behaving, often swinging far from our own perception of right in the process. 

This is why war is and always will be ineffective as a humanitarian process.  This is why there is no possibility of lasting change coming from any situation where we send soldiers to impose our will upon others.  This is why children often rebel so strongly in and when they leave home and also why social upheaval frequently happens in communities.  None rebel so strongly as those who feel their innate freedom to think the way they choose is being denied them. 

It is possible to demand that a set of rules be adhered to in our own agreed upon sovereign space (in my home there will be no smoking) as long as we ensure that we have not removed from other people space to continue to think and be themselves.  In this way and by consensus we can establish peace. 

Even within this system peace can only be maintained through the development of space to separate and integrate ourselves according to personal thoughts and interests.  This is also the intrinsic flaw in any religion that seeks to convert and establish itself as the only way. 

They are imposing not only a way of thinking they are also imposing what to think, they are imposing their opinions.  Buddhism is the fastest growing single religion in the world today and has been for a very long time.  Its growth success is attributed to its complete lack of desire to impose itself on another. 

It grows only by example; whether we choose or not we all hold an image of a Buddhist monk as one who is at peace with his world, this is a very attractive image particularly in a time when the closest thing we see to peace is order and conformity that contains hardly a shred of inner peace. 

So people embrace Buddhism even though its teaching when closely followed will incur a great deal of pain upon the follower; abstinence from just about every thing. 

It may not be possible to communicate without causing pain.  Inevitably, in communication, pain will result from our attachment to our ideas while simultaneously feeling a need to change them.  This occurs when others impose their will, it also occurs when we seek to make significant changes in our own lives.

So the question I need to ask myself is: Am I the cause or the catalyst?  Am I seeking to impose my will or am I, by the very nature of my being, the trigger to another persons need for change?

It is up to each one of us to live our lives to the very best of our ability, to be the living examples of our beliefs. 

So when I am asked what I have done to achieve my level of happiness and fulfillment do not expect me to hold back in my passion.  You see; I know absolutely for me that what I do and how I think works.  And I don’t have to change anyone else to have in my own life this peace and joy.

Blessings,  Image

Aug 30, 2006

What we would notice watching the media is a race of people merrily sliding down the chute into moral decay. 

Today I would like to call attention to the things that were never done; I would like to acknowledge the fellow who never cut down those three trees in his front yard to pay for that one time vacation to the tropics or fix up the three rooms on his ‘heritage house’. 

I would like to acknowledge the person who refused to put her money into mutual funds because some of those companies were involved in weapons development or food industry in third world countries.  I would like to acknowledge the person who gave up the promotion because he had enough money, authority and recognition; that spending time with his three children was the greatest true opportunity for wealth he had.  I would like to acknowledge the person who chose not to just throw that piece of trash on the ground, rather putting it in her purse until she came across a trash can.

You see it is far more important in our evolution as individuals and a species what we do not do than what we do again, for not doing is an act of change, of inner change.  Before we can develop a new pattern we have to first let go of the old pattern. 

It is well known from the work of Alcoholics Anonymous that a key step in becoming sober is the quitting, not just of the habit of drinking but also the habit of association.  We must sever our association with the people and activities that continue to define who we have been.  This breaking of habits or patterns takes not doing; not swearing at that ‘rude’ cop or attendant, not inflicting punishment on the child who doesn’t agree with us.  We must choose not to go to those places that invite the old behavior.  ‘Not being’ is the most challenging step to being a better person (where better person is defined as the one we would choose to be). 

We are so often so absorbed in what we must do to change that we forget to notice what it is we are doing that defines who and where we are. 

There are thousands of self improvement guru’s and workshops available to the one who wishes to make changes.  They will tell you what to do; exercise, eat ‘right’, say affirmations, take action and so on, all good things. Yet key to the real changes is what we choose no longer to do.  The key is in catching the old pattern and saying “NO” when our whole being is screaming do it.

So today I would like to acknowledge the moments of ‘no’ in each one of you.  I would like to acknowledge how difficult it often is, how earth bending that simple act of walking away can be.  I would like to acknowledge the greatness of character that acts on principle over habit to make a real change in a life that truly does deserve to discover its greatness.

Pride is so often hidden in the insidious belief of normalization.  “Look at how well I conform to my communities opinions of right and proper.” 

Today I would like to acknowledge those humble moments where an action was consciously taken to make your world a better place.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Blessings,  Image

Aug 23, 2006

In aboriginal tribes throughout the world the ultimate punishment was to deny the existence of a person.  In churches they were excommunicated as the ultimate punishment. 

So why if it is such a severe form of punishment do mystics seek isolation and silence?    The very treatment we use to direct our criminals in fear to conform is embraced by our spiritual leaders as the surest route to ultimate freedom. 
It is little wonder that our society would frown on spiritual devotion when it entails willingly partaking of the ultimate punishment.  But is it? 

In the west, North America and Europe, there are two religious groups today that are growing remarkably fast, Christian fundamentalism and various forms of Buddhism.  Buddhism, unlike Christian religions, openly embraces isolation and meditation as a spiritual discipline for all its members. 

As a core part of their practice they encourage meditation.  Usually when Buddhists gather the focus of their ‘service’ is sitting in silence. I consider myself to be a devout and practicing New Thought Christian.  I personally see no difference between me and a devout and practicing Buddhist, Muslim, Jew or Wikkan for that matter.  

It seems to matter far less what religion a person embraces as whether one embraces the ideals of that religion.  In all my studies I have found no core difference in the philosophies of their avatars; and one practice they all partook of was isolation.   They all recognized the importance of looking within, becoming comfortable with self.  They all advocated their followers to do the same.

Today we live in a society that has grown increasingly distant from the person behind the thoughts and feelings; our attention has increasingly ventured outward.  Most of us have lost any balance with the silence of our beings to the point that we don’t even recognize the need.  Most of us today look upon silence as a form of ultimate deprivation and punishment; after all that is what the practice of our society advocates. 

And yet there is a hunger within us for fulfillment and after mindlessly chasing after the toys of our culture eventually there is an urge to find some real meaning in life.  For many people, particularly men because of their provider role in the family, this inner search comes far too late in life.  Many realize an emptiness within and don’t know how to fill it.  They continue to unconsciously fill themselves with empty noise; television radio and talk about everything outside of themselves. 

It is little wonder that ill health, depression and violence are so rampant within our world, we no longer have inner peace; if we ever did, so how could we find outer peace.  We have effectively trained ourselves to avoid the one place where true health begins; we don’t go there because that would be punishment. 

It is time for us to rethink our views of isolation, I am sure that as we change those deep beliefs we will enrich our lives and world with a greater joy in life.

Blessings,   Image

Aug 16, 2006

I sit down to write and I remember a forgotten cup of tea, someone I need to phone and an incredibly important screw that must be returned to the shop.  Finally I get back and there’s my daughter messaging me.  Well of course I have to answer that, and besides it won’t take very long. The list of opportunities to forget what I am doing is endless; it is one area of life where I am truly prosperous.  I have an infinite supply of opportunities to let my mind move into some other area of focus.

So it is a curiosity why I or anyone for that matter, would need to take more time for dreaming. Yet to any who have made the connection between dreams and personal events there will be no doubt about the value, almost necessity of dreaming.  Dreams are the foundation of our future; we cannot continue to focus on a thing without taking action to bring it into our lives.

How many times have you found yourself dreaming?  You are sitting there, staring vacantly at the sky, the clouds or the water flowing by.  You think of the things you would like to do or have and the next thing you know you have lost it.  Your mind is moving on to the problems that are creeping in on you, threatening to consume your little piece of paradise. 

We all have them; little blemishes in our lives that with a bit of attention become consuming energy drains.  It takes discipline to move away from those distractions, even when we are passionate about where we are going.  The greatest masters of our world have all discovered a secret that is truly life changing.  They have discovered that when the attention is systematically and vehemently moved away from those things unwanted in our lives those things cease to exist. 

It follows that if ‘where our attention goes our energy flows’ and where our energy flows our experience grows, then the obverse must also hold true.  The thoughts, ideas and experiences we cease to contemplate must perish.  This is God’s great promise of creation. 

If we all could right now turn our attention from the satan of our lives; all that we fear, and move it to the vision of our desiring with complete faith and conviction the world of our dreams would be upon us.  To the degree that each of us learns to do this and actually discipline our thinking we shall move into the life of our dreams. Faith, conviction and a little comprehension are all that keep any of us in peace and comfort.

Let us each find that faith. Not through some mystical, magical worship of some mysterious deity of our dreams who by groveling to in our weakness might come rushing to our aid…. Again.  Rather let us train ourselves to focus on that which is good in our lives and prove by its increase there is a power Divine supporting us in our desire for happiness and peace. 

God is a living presence to those who believe, but even for those who would choose not to believe in any higher power the law of Its being, like the law of gravity, will continue to work its wonders in the life that inadvertently chooses to work it.

May it be your joy to discover the richness of a little mental discipline.

Blessings, Image