Dec 28, 2006

Added to this interesting activity is the variety within our family.  Our family is the product of the twentieth century atomic revolution.  The pressures of the nuclear family exploded and we have come together blended.  My family is blended and Hannah’s family is blended.  We have few common idiosyncrasies and the quirks found endearing to one aggravate another.

Add to all of this that Hannah and I are new to each other, we are celebrating our third Christmas together, and this our first Christmas away from her Alberta homeland; over ten hours drive for some.  It was not just a family together for the holidays; it was a testing time, a time of reassurances.  “Does he love her?”  “Is he good for her?” 

Can we trust him to take Care of her?”  “After all he’s a little different (putting it mildly), he’s a minister, pastor of a church, with some belief in the presence of divinity in every person.”  Why couldn’t our mother just pick someone normal, someone who at least lived in Alberta?” 

Yes, it was a time of testing, finding assurances.  It was a process all too familiar to the blended families of today.  A process who finds it’s urges deep in the antiquities of our subconscious minds, a need to protect our mothers, our fathers and our own innocence. 

How much are our activities subconsciously driven?  More by far than most of us would care to believe.  We will take actions that, though small, will often build into uncontrollable waves of discontent, emotional capsizes and egos dashed upon the rocks of exposure.  Oh yes it can be a hard time.

We did well this year; really we always have but this year was exceptional, almost intangible yet at the post Christmas partings we were somehow all a little closer.

Somewhere in the season, in spite of the confusion wrapped around the presents, we found something sacred.  We found love, caring and appreciation.  Somewhere in the midst of it all we discovered our bond, our commonality; we actually even let go of a few differences. 

Yes it is true if we can just let go of those age old fears and anxieties we will discover that love really does want the same thing for all of us.  And really we don’t have to give a single gift in order to receive the gift of love in full.  All we have to do is surrender our sacred opinions; our need to be right.  By doing this we really can discover the greatest gift of all, the only one really worth giving or receiving.  We can discover love the only present worth more than all but the ability to enjoy it.



Dec 20, 2006

This day is the culmination for each of us of a year of spiritual growth, of awakening to our own magnificence.  The true meaning of Christmas is in the warmth of family and friends that we have brought into our lives through a smile, an action and an outreaching hand.  It has nothing to do with the day and every thing to do with the life, the moment and the passion for living a better world.

I must today acknowledge some of the many changes for myself, our Centre and Light Mail. 

For the first time in almost seven years the Centre has had its very own home.  No boxes of stuff hauled to and from the Sunday location, no more strategic storing of Centre belongings in shoe boxes in past members basements and no more searching at the last minute for a location for classes, meetings and Sunday services.  It was a great relief for everyone and created a new sense of ownership for the board and members of the Centre.  New programs flourished and immediately it seemed the Centre took on a new life. 

This year was also a major year for asset gains and purchases for the growth of our Centre.  We bought 30 new and very comfortable chairs from our growth fund.  We were gifted with not one but two pianos, we have stepped into digital comfort with CD recordings of our Sunday talks and now a ‘free to the community’ inspirational movie night, third Friday of the month, next one January.

The final chapter for the OK-CPL was the determination to move and the finding of the perfect new location; #203 3131 29th Street.  It is bigger and much more comfortable Centre for us all.

We, the Spiritual Circle that are at the core of the Centre extend our gratitude to BC government Direct Access program for allowing us to give to those of our community in need over five thousand dollars in time, service and aid.  We have been as active as ever before awakening the wonder of who we are through the giving of our hearts.
Light Mail, also has been changing, this year we went from a weekly outreach to a daily inspirational forum. 

We have created a website just for Light Mail and are in the process of developing a true webmail service.  Light Mail has grown from a mere 30 person mailout to a daily inspiration that reaches well over a hundred people.  Our webmaster, Michael Phillips has donated at least a hundred hours setting up and building the site.  Thank you Michael, we are all looking forward to the new format.

There is much more I could share but I do not normally allow this service to be a news forum.  If any of you would like to discover more and happen to be in Vernon you may come to our Candle Lighting service, 3319 Coldstream Ave (549-4399) or any Sunday at our new location.

I leave with you these final directions for a peace filled Christmas morning passed on to me.


This is the time of year when we think back to the very first Christmas when the Three Wise Men: Gaspar, Balthazar and Herb went to see the baby Jesus; and according to the Book of Matthew, "presented unto Him gifts; gold, frankincense, and myrrh."

These are simple words, but if we analyze them carefully, we discover an important, yet often overlooked, theological fact.

There is no mention of wrapping paper.

If there had been wrapping paper, Matthew would have said so:

"And lo, the gifts were inside 600 square cubits of paper.  And the paper was festooned with pictures of Frosty the Snowman.

And Joseph was going to throweth it away, but Mary saideth unto him, she saideth, 'Holdeth it!  That is nice paper!  Saveth it for next year!'  And Joseph did rolleth his eyeballs.  And the baby Jesus was more interested in the paper than the frankincense."

But these words do not appear in the Bible, which means that the very first Christmas gifts were NOT wrapped.  This is because the people giving those gifts had two important characteristics:

1. They were wise. 2. They were men.

Men are not big gift wrappers.  Men do not understand the point of putting paper on a gift just so somebody else can tear it off.  This is not just my opinion; this is a scientific fact based on a statistical survey of two guys I know.

One is Rob, who said the only time he ever wraps a gift is "if it's such a poor gift that I don't want to be there when the person opens it."

The other is Gene, who told me he does wrap gifts, but as a matter of principle never takes more than 15 seconds per gift.

"No one ever had to wonder which presents daddy wrapped at Christmas," Gene said.  "They were the ones that looked like enormous spitballs."

I also wrap gifts, but because of some defect in my motor skills, I can never completely wrap them.  I can take a gift the size of a deck of cards and put it the exact center of a piece of wrapping paper the size of a regulation volleyball court, but when I am done folding and taping, you can still see a sector of the gift peeking out.  (Sometimes I camouflage this sector with a marking pen.)

If I had been an ancient Egyptian in the field of mummies, the lower half of the Pharaoh's body would be covered only by Scotch tape.

On the other hand, if you give my wife a 12-inch square of wrapping paper, she can wrap a C-130 cargo plane.  My wife, like many women, actually likes wrapping things.  If she gives you a gift that requires batteries, she wraps the batteries separately, which to me is very close to being a symptom of mental illness.  If it were possible, my wife would wrap each individual volt.

My point is that gift-wrapping is one of those skills like having babies that come more naturally to women than to men.

That is why today I am presenting:


* Whenever possible, buy gifts that are already wrapped.

If, when the recipient opens the gift, neither one of you recognizes it, you can claim that it's myrrh.

* The editors of Woman's Day magazine recently ran an item on how to make your own wrapping paper by printing a design on it with an apple sliced in half horizontally and dipped in a mixture of food coloring and liquid starch.

They must be smoking crack.

* If you're giving a hard-to-wrap gift, skip the wrapping paper!

Just put it inside a bag and stick one of those little adhesive bows on it. This creates a festive visual effect that is sure to delight the lucky recipient on Christmas morning:

YOUR WIFE: Why is there a Hefty trash bag under the tree?

YOU: It's a gift! See? It has a bow!

YOUR WIFE (peering into the trash bag): It's a leaf blower.

YOU: Gas-powered! Five horsepower!

YOUR WIFE: I want a divorce.

YOU: I also got you some myrrh.

In conclusion, remember that the important thing is not what you give or how you wrap it.  The important thing, during this very special time of year, is that you save the receipt.

~(c) by Dave Barry




Dec 14, 2006

We meet someone on the street and, if we can pull them out of their frantic dash, we hear from them, not how they are but what they are doing.  Either that or we have a superficial conversation about the weather, sports and politics while both of us are thinking about what we are doing and how to get back to our list of to do’s.  Even when we meet at a coffee shop, it is more often than not ‘strictly business’.  Why?  Because I would suspect most of us don’t really know how we are.  How could we when most of us don’t know who we are?

And now we are coming up on every ones, ‘favorite time of year’?  Hardly, most people don’t have a clue how they actually feel about Christmas in relation to themselves.  To do that most of us would have to know ourselves, and again, we don’t.

Would you like to know if you are one of the ones who ‘knows yourself’?  I give you a few questions to answer:

Do you have a clear image of how you would like the world to be?

Do you have a clear image of how you would like your community to be?

Do you have a clear image of how you would like your relationships to be?

Do you have a clear plan you are enacting to create your vision for home, community and the world?  And are you acting to fulfill that vision?

If you could not honestly say yes to all of these questions then I would guess that you are not self aware, you are probably overworked, overstressed and unenthusiastic about the festive season. And you are probably exhausted before starting with all of those questions of; “Are you ready for Christmas yet?” 

You will notice that not one of these questions had to do with you and your relationship with yourself.  There is a very simple reason for this.  We cannot possibly know ourselves except through our relationships.  Our relationship with ourselves is defined by our relationship with life.  To the degree that we can be aware of our present world; to that degree and only to that degree can we be attuned to our own sense of being. 

This is not to suggest that it may not be important to take time daily for ourselves through meditation, yoga, journaling, prayer and contemplative reading.  These activities are fundamentally important and I guarantee if you are already doing them you answered “yes” to the previous questions. 

To you who answered “no” you are likely in one of two groups.  In group ‘one’ we have those who believe the world is fast going down the tubes and the only consolation is some kind of divine rescue plan.  And in group ‘two’ we have those who believe the world is fast going down the tubes and there is no rescue plan, only a state of hopelessness and the hope that with enough preparation they might survive the collapse. 

Of course there is a small group of people who have chosen not to answer these questions and believe the world is just fine, and will continue to be fine; life has a way of sooner or later knocking on their door.

I guess now it is time to spring the news.  Neither God nor any emissary of God is going to rescue you! Only you can rescue you, or more exactly, only your belief, and actions in alignment with your belief can rescue you. 
What you have ‘conceived and believed’ is your world right now. 

This is Gods greatest gift to you.  How? You have ‘free will’; the freedom to transform your life and world with the use of your vision and passion. You can change your belief and recreate your world.  As The great philosopher Goethe said: “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”
So as you enter this season of festivity, if you feel at all disheartened ask yourself, “Where in my life and world have I answered ‘no’ instead of ‘yes’?”

May you truly have a Wonder Filled Festive Season,



Dec 7, 2006

No this is not just a day, it is an idea and to the degree that we embrace this idea in our lives to that degree only shall we benefit from it.

It is interesting to note that Jesus was not born on or even particularly near to the 25th of December.  Further, December 25th was solstice in the original Roman calendar, the time of one of their grandest ‘pagan’ celebrations acknowledging the returning of the light, of spring, and the birth of their enlightened avatar, Mithra.  It is also interesting to note how much of today’s story of the miraculous events of Jesus life are repeated from so many scriptures of other religions of the world. 

In fact the basic Christmas story is shared from Horus, Guatama Buddha, Mithra, Adonis, Attis, Quirinus, Quetzalcote, Indra and Krishna.  All of these individuals predate Jesus by at least 500 years yet they each share a virgin birth and performing of miracles.  Some share an untimely death nailed to a cross in the company of two thieves.  Many other details including the herald star, the three kings, a mother named Mary, death, ascension into heaven after three days, and the slaughter of male children at the time of birth are shared by these other past avatars.  Am I suggesting that Jesus is just a made up character, fabricated for some hidden purpose?  No not at all.  I personally believe he really existed and brought to our modern world the greatest gift imaginable, he came to tell us who we are and what we are capable of.

I believe the people who supplanted Jesus name into the mythologies of the world may have been very well meaning in their efforts to convert people to what they saw as a higher way.  In fact in some cases they couldn’t have even known the mystery of similarity as with Quetzlcote of the Mayan Empire.

I believe the real point here is not what happened in the past; rather it is to recognize the message of Jesus and possibly every one of his predecessors of shared mythology. 

Jesus came to teach his followers there was a power for good that we could use to make the lives of ourselves and other people healthier, happier and more wholesome in all ways.  He chose to teach his disciples the power of love and of one divine presence absolute and indivisible; a power he often referred to as the father within. He came to teach us that all he could do we could also do.

I believe what he did we can do, it may not be easy, it may take incredible diligence and resolve, still the things he did we can do also.  Every one of us with perseverance can come to forgive even the deepest of wounds; every one of us can transcend our pain and learn to love our enemies.  Every one of us can envision a world of peace harmony and fellowship and then take consistent action to see our great vision into being.  Every one of us can choose to put the joy of all people on the same lists as our desire for new toys.  Every one of us can do this every day. 

If Christmas has any meaning at all it is to remind us who we can be and how we can live every single day of our lives.  It is to remind us that, if we choose, we can make a difference locally and globally.  Always we can all help someone else somehow.  With effort every one of us can transcend our differences.
As another Christmas day approaches it would do us well to ask whether we are going to wait yet another year before we commit to real change, daily change, the change that will change us.  Or is this the year, the day, the moment we have been waiting for. 

Consider this; it would be the height of ignorance for an absolute intelligence to create a life that was in any way fundamentally flawed.  We must within ourselves already have all the tools to necessary to live the life the great teacher promised us. is a good enough day to celebrate peace, love and the fellowship of mankind, why isn’t January 14



Nov 29, 2006

Yet still so much of our inner motivation is about getting instead of giving, the desire to have more seems to be insatiable.  We seek to improve our health, improve our homes, increase our lives in every way. 
Is this truly the journey of the heart? 

Someone early on in the health food movement coined the phrase “you are what you eat”.  They might have been more accurate to say ‘you are what you believe’, for all of your words, your actions and your motivation spring forth from your beliefs.  No person can possibly be better than they believe is possible for them. 

When Jesus admonished us ‘to pay closer attention to the words that came out from our mouths than to the food that we put in’ this is exactly what he was saying.  If we want to be healthy we must first act from a faith in our Source and a belief in our health, then we will find ourselves naturally drawn to foods that bring our personal body chemistries into balance.

It is nowhere near so important what we can add to our well-being as it is to be attentive to what and how we give.
True giving is not about giving ‘to’ something; a cause or an individual.  True giving is about giving without ‘get’ motivation. 

I often refer to the concept of ‘giving from’ rather than ‘giving to’.  In order to truly benefit from the act of giving paradoxically one must release all concept of personal gain while simultaneously maintaining personal power.  It is often best if we do not even know the destination of our funds. 

Even while understanding this concept it can take ages to truly embody it.  Still we stand witness to people all around us who find their success through the cause of their passion.  They lose themselves into their passion and become successful precisely because they love what they are doing. 

It is very interesting to me how poorly these successful people fit into the pattern painted by an investment analyst.  They don’t necessarily invest at all in various sensible money plans, most of them invest fully in their passion.  They are unconsciously investing in the law of conscious return; “As you give so shall you receive.”

In fact investing in the common way of today, mutual funds, is extremely dangerous spiritually.  It is one of the greatest present day causes of the disparity of wealth, health and well-being in the world.  Almost all investment into the market is driven by a desire to get, with little or no thought to where the money we are giving is going. 

It is impossible to control the use of our money when we invest in this way.  We are unconsciously giving permission to other unconscious or unscrupulous people to use our money to support their desires to make money at any cost. 

This includes such activities as the support of arms manufacturing companies, chemical fertilizer companies, multinational agribusinesses and companies that employ unethical labour practices for their product manufacture.  

Companies are mandated to put their investors before employees, the environment or the good of the world but you and I as investors must learn to be conscious of our global community and learn to be consciously responsible with our intentions and actions. 

Would you support a neighbour who only occasionally had a mental lapse and killed someone; I doubt it, even if your government was encouraging you.  Yet that is the thinness of our justification for investing ‘for our retirement’. 
Our greatest investment is to do what gives us joy. 

If we follow our hearts and give from our hearts in faith history has shown that we will be well provided for at no cost to others.  As we enter into this Festive Season it is a very good time to ask ourselves how we are investing.  If the world economy ends tomorrow will your storehouse be empty or have you made sufficient conscious investment in your good.

Blessings,  Image

Nov 15, 2006

We all seem to do it; identification defines us in relationship to our world.  It seems to me that we believe we would not be individuals if we weren’t displaying a label.  Yet have you ever been the label you or the world attached to you?

No, never; we human beings have depth and breadth we cannot measure with titles and labels. All they really allow us to do is box up our world into some nice neat and orderly mental packaging so that we can proceed to engage in life unconsciously; on an automatic and mechanical level.

But that’s not all that labels do, they also help to define our ideas of what we cannot be for it is our nature to think in opposites.  We cannot think of ‘up’ without relating to ‘down’.  ‘Inside’ only exists because we would choose to have somewhere that wasn’t outside.  How we define our environment, how we define our world and the people in it cannot help but define our relationship with it.

This human patterning has become the greatest challenge and limitation to our understanding of the world we live in.  It would appear that we are incapable of accepting a mystery on more than a hypothetical level. 

The greatest challenges that we average people have with understanding quantum physics are our influence on the experiments just by observing.  How can we understand that we determine what we see simply because we observe what we see?  If we don’t see it the process unfolds differently or may not unfold at all.  This is far too incomprehensible for our orderly thought processes.  We need things to make sense otherwise ‘what is a person to believe?’

The concept we don’t yet understand, and it would appear we really don’t want to understand, is that we equally confound our lives in exactly the same manner as we confound the quantum experiments. We do it by observing with expectation. We actually influence the outcome of our lives by those labels. 

We continue to exacerbate the problems of our peers by expecting them to be who we have decided they are.  We believe the alcoholic has a problem and will continue to have a problem until s/he conforms to our idea of help.  The cancer patient must conform to our ideas of healing to be healed in our minds. 

The doctor and lawyer will be financially successful; the teacher will be overworked and so on.  All of these beliefs and opinions we project limit people; and not only that but their opinions will limit us to the same degree that we believe our opinions of others.  Why?,.. because we have faith in our opinions. 

The great teacher ‘Jesus’ admonished us not to judge others because we would be judged by those same judgments.  He didn’t say God would judge us.  And God will not judge us for those opinions unless God is the law of cause and effect.   Jesus went on to encourage us to judge rightly.  In this way we insure that our judgments will bring to us positive experiences. 

By looking for and finding the good in all people we insure a flow of good into our own lives.  By looking beyond the limiting labels to the innate potential of every human being we open for them the possibility to discover greatness unrealized.  Even more wonderful; we allow ourselves to really be much more than those limiting labels and that is a most wonderful thing.

Blessings,  Image

Nov 22, 2006

A fact is something that has been proven and remains provable.  Straight off the top that puts religion, philosophy and psychology off the fact map, unless, of course, we conjecture that holding true a percentage of times makes something a fact.  I suppose that would be a statistical fact; also known as a political fact. 

My scientific nature doesn’t accept that; although I see the value of such a view for any who are attempting to conscript others into accepting their agendas.  It is a very important view for any of the, ‘us against them’ people (and that would pretty much be the whole human population). 

Having ruled out all who fit into those categories we are left with only a few empirical scientists; mathematicians, physicists, biologists, engineers and some who may fit in less recognized categories.  Yet today their own science has likely thrown them back into the realm of not knowing.  The relatively new and fascinating study of quantum physics has left them wondering if they really know any true facts. 

It has now been ??proven?? that the outcome of an experiment is dependant upon the perception of the observer. Of course the level of measure being dealt with here is almost immeasurable and certainly unperceivable so you might think it shouldn’t matter. 

If one plus one was discovered to equal zero, even though they are the smallest whole numbers, the impact would wipe out your life savings.  A minor detail is only minor if it doesn’t affect us.   The question then begs do opinions and our belief in them really impact us.

Most opinions are accepted and often delivered as laws, irrefutable, undeniable and unbreakable.  Take religious doctrines for example, they are based upon suppositions and yes I am the first to acknowledge the ethical value of the majority of those suppositions. 

Yet still they are no more than ethical opinions or, when imposed upon another, judgments.  We have the same perspective with doctors opinions, we accept them as irrefutable laws.   So why is this important? Why would I or you or anyone care about this? 

Two very simple reasons.  It means that all those people who have been telling us what to believe for the past how ever many years, all of our lives, didn’t have any proof. All they had were the opinions and beliefs of their teachers, who incidentally had a lot less knowledge than we have today. 

That is in itself a monumental realization, incomprehensible even.   It gives us as individuals the freedom to question why anything is being done today, a process that is very necessary for the continued growth and evolution of humanity.  It also allows us to look at ourselves and question why we do and believe as we have. 

This leads us to the second important return from such an understanding.  If it really is all opinion then we are free to choose the opinions for ourselves that make sense to us; the ones that empower us and our world.  We are free to demand win, win solutions knowing there is no acceptable argument for anything less. 

We are free to demand anything that improves the wellbeing of humanity even if it appears to create restriction so long as no individual is harmed.  All because we can honestly say, ‘that is your opinion and I choose only to accept it if it enhances life’.

The world will not change as long individuals sanctify their opinions in order to gain power.  Nor will it change if ‘victims’ continue accept the opinion that they are powerless.  We can change the world only by helping people realize their innate power to create good for themselves and each other.  It starts by changing our minds and living the changes we wish to see.

Blessings,  Image

Oct 04, 2006

Then again many of us live alone, we get up and just do what we need to do, whether it is work or play it is our life.

Yet none of this is truly our work, it is all a distraction from our true work.  Our true work is to discover and live our highest vision, become the best we can be (the embodiment of the Christ, or whatever secular and non secular terms we may choose) in our daily lives.  And being the best we can be is a product of giving.  Not just giving stuff, in fact that is the least of all giving.  Rather, I speak of giving of ourselves, giving in every moment, in every breath.

Giving is about our intention first.  From our true intentions will flow our actions.  So to truly give we must be in touch with our intentions. 

Many people have some awareness of this practice, it is very much akin to goal setting.  Get clear on what you want and from that will flow your actions.  Your actions in alignment with your intentions will open you to previously unrecognized opportunities. 

At the end of the day new goal setters will be talking about the miracle of goal setting.  It is no miracle; just as it is no miracle that your car starts when turn the ignition. It is a blessing; a blessing of understanding.  Still it is all about getting and fundamentally leads us to spiritual impoverishment and eventually dis-ease.

For those of us familiar with goal setting we may see the mechanics of creating a vision yet it is still virtually impossible to understand the value of this ‘altruism’.  If it were possible to look within and see the physiological changes to our bodies from the alternate intentions we would find ourselves driving hard to realign our focus. 

A true vision is something unattainable; it is a direction of growth rather than a destination or attainment.  This is the fundamental difference between it and a goal.  Also it expresses a purpose for the greater good rather than simply of personal value. 

Goals are about getting, of themselves they will fill our lives with stuff yet never provide deep satisfaction.  Once attained life will become empty and without purpose unless new goals are quickly set.  Work, work, work.  There is no end to that cycle except the grave and many make that exact choice. 

With a greater vision there is always something more when goals are reached, and because of its unreachable nature the purpose becomes the journey.  The destination is actually to become more a part of the process; it is to become more in alignment with the whole.  The greatest wonder of discovering our vision is that the world starts to solve its challenges not because we are fighting and focused on the problems but rather because we are becoming in our lives a part of the solution. 

Vision gives us enthusiasm, purpose, belonging, high esteem, compassion and a moment to moment sense of fulfillment.  Life is connected and as much as getting still has value it becomes healthy because our getting becomes for giving. 

Work can be a joy, it can be fulfilling, it can be healthy but only when you discover and recognize for yourself a higher purpose.  Only when you embrace your vision can you truly find joy in your relationships and in every moment of life.

Here’s to vision.

Blessings,  Image

Nov 8, 2006

We must then do our work for a predetermined number of hours at a standard that meets the expectations of everyone else; and it would seem they all have expectations.  Then we make our way home, often with a suitcase full of evening projects that will interfere with a variety of family obligations.

As the average day and week progress this pressure invariably rises; more deadlines, obligations, social functions and crises to be dealt with, all before an elusive weekend when there will be the hope of release.  In our society the popular way is to party, take our escape in some form of oblivion.  Finding relief through physical self inflicted abuse?

Does this sound something like your week?  Would you like to change it?  It is possible.   It is also very unlikely that an average person will change a situation like this before a crisis arises.  If you are not one of these people you are a rare blessing to an otherwise overstressed society and are one of the more fortunate who knows all the blessings they have to count.

Of course you could possibly be on the other end of the spectrum.  You might be one of the many casualties of a society gone ‘ballistic’, recovering from one of any number of stress related ailments, the bottom line of all disease.  In your case you are probably looking for ways to find healthy balance in your life.

So my purpose here is not to point out the problems of our society, most of us are all too aware of the problems, in fact that is exactly the problem.  What I want to do is help people find the solution.    

The solution, the golden egg, is very simply a new perspective.  As I alluded to earlier all disease, discomfort and dissatisfaction is a result of stress, all of it.  So the answer to our problems is to de-stress ourselves and the way to do that is to change our attitude; our perspective.  You can change your problems (work, relationship, neighbourhood) but that will not solve your problems, it will only postpone them because ultimately wherever you go you will be sure to find your attitudes there as well.

So if the solution is a changed attitude how do you begin to do that?  The very first step is to begin to pay attention to how you feel, to how you really feel.  Until we can begin to do that there is no possibility of creating change.  All creation even the creation of change is a conscious process based on feelings, intentions and actions.  So we must become imminently aware of our feelings and then choose ways to change those feelings.

In order to make changes we need to start being in touch with those things that give us a sense of joy and start to focus on them.  This is not a process of denying all the other things that cause us displeasure it is simply a shifting of focus.  An artist creating a masterpiece focuses on bringing out the beauty in their art.  We must treat our lives as our greatest masterpiece and by the focus of our attention on the good in them create more good.

Start to recognize what you are grateful for.   Your home?  Your family?  Your work?  Make at the beginning of your day a time to focus on gratitude.  Slowly and surely your morning becomes “I get to go to work because… because I am providing a lifestyle for the ones I love, because I like my co-workers, because I enjoy my work” and so on.  From this place of appreciation we can look at the things that don’t bring us joy and one at a time bit by bit we can change them until with every breath we can say “I get to…” instead of “I have to…”.

“I get to…” said with sincerity, alone will do wonders to change the stress levels of the busy life.

Blessings,   Image


Nov 1, 2006

For me though the most important thing I see is how deeply connected we are.  It is not possible to teach a course with passion and not find myself staring directly at me.  I see me and I find deeper understanding for the entire world and its many turbulences.

All of these many ripples, these challenges, come down to two issues which can become either weaknesses or strengths.  The first is our penchant for acting unconsciously.  A beautiful gift when it is about getting up and walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night, unconsciousness aids us in our peace and harmony, growth and joy. If it weren’t for this capacity to operate unconsciously we would never have time to create anything new in our lives. 
Without unconscious processes the universe would not hold together; it would simply unravel into chaos. 

Unconsciousness is supported by all the laws of the universe; gravity, cause and affect, attraction, displacement and so on.  It is a wonderful thing that we can rely on such a process. 

Until we put a counterproductive pattern in there; like for example smoking, or drinking, or sarcasm, or selfishness or, or, or…

Suddenly the very principle that holds the universe together starts to unravel our lives with disease, poverty and conflict; the principle of unconscious re-creation itself is not bad, it is solely our use of it.  And once we begin to use a principle counter to the law of life or the law of creation that principle will lead to our death. 

So how is life treating you unfairly, how are things continually wrong?  God, or whatever name you choose for that power, will begin to save you only as you begin to change those deep rooted patterns.  Yes doctors, police and other professionals can sometimes provide a quick fix but the only real solution will be deep inner work, work at loving yourself and all your world.

The great teacher, Jesus, was not providing some magical cure, he was simply explaining and demonstrating powerful laws, the laws of conscious thought and creation, of surrender and attraction. The first cause of turbulence in our lives is the misuse of the principle of unconscious repetition; what goes in must come out.  The second cause of turbulence in our lives is a product of choosing unconsciously, the company we keep.  The people we associate with continually express to us ideas that reinforce those unconscious patterns. 

To make real change in our lives we MUST, absolutely must change the people we associate with.  We must find people who empower us in our dreams, people who demand of us to live up to a higher standard.  We must choose the ones who will build us to our greatness. 

Again, with the company we keep we are being subject to this principle of unconscious repetition.  In this case it is an outward effect and the solution is outer action.  We must if we want a more joy filled life start to consciously deny behavior, whether it is in the form of words or actions.  It is not okay to turn a blind eye to anything which causes hurt.  When we do we are demeaning ourselves and sending ourselves an unconscious message which then reinforces unconscious patterns of self destruction. 

We must forever guard the avenues of our senses from discordant patterns.  Ultimately we must choose to be responsible for the condition of our lives.  We must choose to be responsible for every aspect of the place we stand for; until we do there is nothing about our lives that we can change. 

Clean up what comes in and clean up what goes out.  Take the risk, take the leap.  In my experience when we do, some power greater than we are corresponds to bring greater joy into our lives. 

Could you use a little more joy in your life?

Blessings,   Image