Daily Inspiration: There is nothing small in God's eyes; let there be nothing small in thine. ~Sri Aurobindo

Today’s Affirmation: I see perfection, majesty and love in the smallest details of my world today.

Today's Contemplation: Every detail of this world is built of the same stuff as any other. It is all drawn together and held together by the same Laws and every facet contains the thumb print of the Divine. One need only ask oneself; “Do I see the Divine in this moment?” The answer will reveal ones focus and through that revelation one can then grow closer to Abundant Joy.


Daily Inspiration: The will is free; -Strong is the soul, and wise, and beautiful;
The seeds of god-like power are in us still; -Gods are we, bards, saints, heroes, if we will! ~Matthew Arnold

Today’s Affirmation: God wisdom moves me to take right action today.

Today's Contemplation: We are all Gods because we are all the One God individualizing. And to the degree we understand this we become powerful, we become wise and we discover peace. This is the only lesson that global peace hangs on and it is up to each of us to make it so.


Daily Inspiration: There is a magnet in your heart that will attract true friends. That magnet is unselfishness, thinking of others first… when you learn to live for others, they will live for you. ~Paramahansa Yogananda

Today’s Affirmation: I Live in Joy because I Give in Joy.

Today's Contemplation: True and natural living 'for others first' springs from a recognition of Oneness.  We naturally keep our bodies from harm and suffering. When we as naturally include our human relations with the same care and attention we will discover that we have always lived in a loving and supportive world. And we will attract and be surrounded always by friends.


Daily Inspiration: A more or less superficial layer of the unconscious is undoubtedly personal. I call it the "personal unconscious". But this personal layer rests upon a deeper layer, which does not derive from personal experience and is not a personal acquisition but is inborn. This deeper layer I call the "collective unconscious". ~Carl Jung

Today’s Affirmation: My thought is so Hot it infuses Love into the Whole.

Today's Contemplation: We each have the capacity to change our world simply with our passionate convictions because as we deepen our thought and make it unconscious it begins to flow into the collective unconscious. That which enters the collective unconscious influences the unconscious thought and action of every individual and bleeds into the community experience.


Daily Inspiration: We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. ~T. S. Eliot

Today’s Affirmation: In my desire for Joy I have found it today.

Today's Contemplation: The very desire of a thing, of a feeling, draws it to us. And when it is found it is discovered to have always been at hand. This is not some fickle nature of humanity; rather it is the economic nature of Infinite Intelligence.  It knows before we ask and always delivers through the path of least resistance. With the Master Beloved go nowhere and receive all good.


Daily Inspiration: A little philosophy inclineth man's mind to atheism, but depth in philosophy bringeth men's minds about to religion. ~Francis Bacon

Today’s Affirmation: I go deep; I grow deep, and I discover Love.

Today's Contemplation: In order to move past atheism an individual must come into the awareness of ‘One’.  Until this is truly recognized atheism is just another dogmatic religious practice or what many would call ‘social religion’. True religion is the celebration of  spiritual awareness; the epiphany of  Oneness, that transcends while encompassing religion and atheism.


Daily Inspiration:
How good is man's life, the mere living!
How fit to employ
All the heart and the soul and the senses
Forever in joy!
~Robert Browning

Today’s Affirmation: I am alive and I am blessed; and I am Grateful.

Today's Contemplation: Life itself is a gift, the greatest gift anyone can receive. Yet few truly appreciate it. It is often taken for granted and squandered in some attempt to find meaning by removing value. An old saying states, “We can’t appreciate it until it’s gone.” The lesson is to appreciate what I have right now; only this will lead to growth.


Daily Inspiration: There are quiet places also in the mind, he said meditatively. But we build bandstands and factories on them. Deliberately – to put a stop to the quietness… ~Aldous Huxley

Today’s Affirmation: I enter the quiet garden of my mind today and uproot the weeds of distraction; I am focused only on Love.

Today's Contemplation: One must maintain the condition of one’s mental atmosphere. One must tend to the thoughts and maintain the sacred silence between the thoughts. There are many distractions in this world and in the heart of every pilgrim that must constantly be uprooted and weeded out with diligence.


Daily Inspiration: Man know thyself; then thou shalt know the Universe and God. ~Pythagoras

Today’s Affirmation: In all my Desires I make my world a better place. I Am Divinely Directed today.

Today's Contemplation: To know myself is to know what motivates me.  I must look deep within; and there I can only realize Love.  This is all any person can truly discover because this is the truth of every person everywhere.


Daily Inspiration: Practise silence, for the voice of God can be heard in the region of your heart only when the tongue and the inner storm are stilled, and the waves (of the mind) are calmed. ~Sai Baba

Today’s Affirmation: Every moment is a ‘GOD’ moment and I live in that sacred silence today.

Today's Contemplation: Living from the silence within, and listening to that whisper of the Beloved, regardless of the activity that swirls around one is the only way to discover peace in the world.