Daily Inspiration: Your greatest asset is your earning ability. Your greatest resource is your time. ~Brian Tracy

Today’s Affirmation: I give my Love and earn my Love; and all else comes into my desiring.

Today’s Contemplation: Our greatest asset is not our earning capacity. It is our giving capacity. When one gives with no hidden desire for return, bounty is the return. And Love is any person’s greatest bounty for when it is given freely it comes back in measure with dividends.


Daily Inspiration: The most important lesson that man can learn from his life is not that there is pain in this world, but that it depends upon him to turn it into good account, that it is possible for him to transmute it into joy. ~Rabindranath Tagore

Today’s Affirmation: On this day I find and feel the joy; effervescent, bubbling up, from my soul to my circumstances.

Today’s Contemplation: To understand that happiness has nothing to do with circumstances is the single most important key for the transformation of one’s life from suffering to joy. The next most important lesson is to remember the first.


Daily Inspiration: Your joy is the greatest contribution you can make to life on the planet. A heart at peace with its owner blesses everyone it touches. ~Alan Cohen

Today’s Affirmation: Today I find my joy, I live my joy and I share it with my world.

Today’s Contemplation: To share the joy that we are is the greatest proof of that joy. It is also the most powerful way to grow in joy. And it is the only way to truly make joyful change in the world for a joyful heart without a single word spoken is pervasive and naturally transformative.


Daily Inspiration: If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astonish ourselves. ~Thomas Edison

Today’s Affirmation: I commit to the joy of my being and make this the best day ever today.

Today’s Contemplation: Each one of us regularly lives our smallest potential. It takes a conscious and consistent choice to go beyond and be our greatest selves. When we do there is no real limit to the wonders we can set in motion. Choose to dream your greatest dream today and set it in motion.


Daily Inspiration: A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark. ~Chinese Proverb

Today’s Affirmation: I erase every mark of pain from my past today with the hand of love until all that remains is a blessing.

Today’s Contemplation: It takes much inner work to release even the smallest amount of childhood suffering; yet this is our true purpose and with diligence it can be done. The first step is to stop every thought of blame by coming to accept by whatever means necessary that ‘they’ always did the best they could with what they had at that moment.


Daily Inspiration: 99% of failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses. ~George Washington Carver

Today’s Affirmation: Today I live my promise because my promise is my commitment and my only commitment is happiness.

Today’s Contemplation: Excuses are only made when promises are unbelievable. Believe in who you are and make a promise you can keep today.


Daily Inspiration: Mistakes are lessons of wisdom. The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power. ~Phyllis Bottome

Today’s Affirmation: I practice today what I learned yesterday; I make my good even better and my better the best.

Today’s Contemplation: Take yesterdays pain and resolve it in your heart. It is yours, having nothing to do with anyone else, so only you can transform it. When it happens, when you have done your work, you will feel liberation in your soul and goodness will fill your heart.


Daily Inspiration: Remember, the greatest failure is to not try. Once you find something you love to do, be the best at doing it. ~Debbi Fields

Today’s Affirmation: Merry Christmas; I give my ‘all’ to a perfect day today. I bring laughter and song to every heart I touch.

Today’s Contemplation: Be the best you can be; do the best you can do. Don’t steal your own greatness with moods that you have complete power over. You have spent months planning for the perfection of joy on this day. Make It Happen! And then do it every day.
Merry Christmas and Blessings forward through all your life.


Daily Inspiration: No matter how small and unimportant what we are doing may seem, if we do it well, it may soon become the step that will lead us to better things. ~Channing Pollock

Today’s Affirmation: I make right, happy and healthy choices today; and I give my best to making those choices work.

Today’s Contemplation: Every action taken, regardless of magnitude and ‘importance’ starts with a thought. We are all the masters of our own thinking. Make it harmless, helpful and happy and your own life will be elevated with practice to a state of constant joy. Try it; you’ll like it!


Daily Inspiration: You will always have to live with yourself, and it is to your best interest to see that you have good company — a clean, pure, straight, honest, upright, generous, magnanimous companion. ~Orison Swett Marden

Today’s Affirmation: I love my self and celebrate with every breath the joy s/he brings to me.

Today’s Contemplation: Ones greatest joy in living comes when one absolutely knows ones Divine truth to such a depth that one can fall in love with the human form without ever becoming lost in the belief that form is life. In such awareness a Universe of light and sound, joy and peace and beauty reveals itself.