Dec 31 09


Daily Inspiration: An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves. ~Bill Vaughan

Today’s Affirmation: I am checked in, checked out and ready to go.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: Where we look we go this is true on every plane of existence; if our attention is behind us we are approaching life backwards and can be sure to be tripping over the most obvious obstacles.



Together, we are setting the trend for 20-10




Dec 30 09


Daily Inspiration: Don’t waste time on what might have been, just lie on your back and float. ~Unknown

Today’s Affirmation: I am fully present in the consciousness of this moment.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: Action will naturally flow from inaction just as water will naturally flow from a lake to a river. The pull of Spirit, like the ocean, forever calls life into its bosom and sends it out again. Each being is this process unfolding and to the degree that we are conscious we provide the direction of this creative flow in our lives for all life is the One Life individualizing.


Dec 29 09


Daily Inspiration: The test of good manners is to be able to put up pleasantly with bad ones. ~Wendell Willkie

Today’s Affirmation: I see authentically from the heart of my being into the call of every soul. All actions call for my love.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: As we become more attuned to the basic needs of every human, manners start to become far less relevant than the actual call for love underlying their presence or lack. All manners are an unconscious social programming designed to meet an unconscious need for approval, acceptance; for inclusion. They stem from an underlying stream of awareness that we are one in some invisible way that remains denied by our physical senses which only demonstrate varying degrees in separation.


Dec 28 09


Daily Inspiration: The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up. ~Mark Twain

Today’s Affirmation: Today more than ever I celebrate my authentic magnificence.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: When we truly embrace our own authentic magnificence we give others permission to realize their beauty. In doing this, awakening of the light in ourselves, we do bring cheer to others and that in turn does bring cheer to us.


Dec 27 09


Daily Inspiration: Optimism is the foundation of courage. ~Nicholas Murray Butler

Today’s Affirmation: The Infinite in and as me chose me; shift happens through me now.

Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: When we know our true love nature in relation to the whole we become indomitable in our quest for awakening the awareness of oneness in all. This is optimism for it knows no possibility of failure and this is courage for it comes from the heart and the heart alone.


Dec 26 09


Daily Inspiration: The two best times to keep your mouth shut are when you’re swimming and when you’re angry. ~Unknown

Today’s Affirmation: I listen to my words first and make them harmonious to my world.

Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: Being sensitive is first about being attentive to our own energy. When we align with the truth within so, too, will the words we speak.


Dec 25 09


Daily Inspiration: For the spirit of Christmas fulfills the greatest hunger of mankind. ~Loring A. Schuler

Today’s Affirmation: I give my heart into my relationships today.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: Christmas ultimately is an embodiment of the human urge to celebrate. We all want a relationship in which we can pour our love, our creativity and our passion; Christmas is the action, the ritual, that celebrates most completely this urge.

Merry Christmas and many wishes that you have someone you wish to share yours with.


Dec 24 09


Daily Inspiration: Something about an old-fashioned Christmas is hard to forget. ~Hugh Downs


Today’s Affirmation: No matter how I feel today love comes first, last and in between.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: There is only one thing that makes old-fashioned unforgettable and that is the love that was present. The remarkable thing about love is that it always grows. Where this truth is denied there is pain, bitterness and growing resentment because it requires mental energy to deny life. Yet still the love grows; so when the barriers fall away we find only more love. This means it is not the old fashioned that appeals, rather it is the love; and that can be found and shared in infinite abundance right now, right here, today and every day. And the love we share today will make this one “an old-fashioned Christmas.”


Dec 23 09


Daily Inspiration:  Joy is not in things; it is in us. ~Richard Wagner

Today’s Affirmation: I cease searching for what I am. I am living who I am right now; I am joy, peace and love.

Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: Such feelings as joy are beyond being in us; they are the actual fabric of our being. The only challenge to feeling enough joy in any moment is the challenge of forgetting who we grew up thinking we were, that we were our confusions, fears and frustrations. The ultimate challenge of letting go of the opinions and beliefs of our peers and parents is also the ultimate gift of greatness we give ourselves.


Dec 22 09


Daily Inspiration: Christmas, my child is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas. ~Dale Evans Rogers

Today’s Affirmation: I let my love shine today, like I do every day, only just a little bigger and just a little brighter.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: In the core of every one of us there is a seed of love, there is no question in my mind about this. The only question each of us need ask is what we can do to help that seed of love grow. This is the new evolution and without it there is no evolution. The joy of this season for me is in witnessing this seed grow; a new light, a bigger love in my world.