I Bring Joy To My World

There is One Vibration and It’s in every vibration. There is one Love back of all love. Because all are expressions of the One it is the calling of every person, everywhere to bring that Joy forward in a unique way; this is what I do.

Realizing that God is all that I am, I surrender.  I let go of any idea that my humanity can in any way comprehend my divinity; I can only let it be and that is what I do. I realize that I am designed and suited for one purpose and that is to bring more Joy into this world.  I do that by bringing forth the joy in this moment.  I see and I celebrate the beauty all around me. I detect the nuances of love and the gentleness of life touching life.  I notice the breakthroughs of the heart and mind with every kindness given. In every action my world and my life are made richer, fuller and more joyful.  I discover and deliver Joy by being contagious in my own Joyfulness.

Today I celebrate the joy I feel as I give it back to Source. I feel an upwelling of gratitude. I know that God work is happening here and now. In this atmosphere I let go and I let God knowing It is done.

And So It Is

 Today’s Affirmation:  Love pulls me into the Joy of living today; I get up and I Am Ready to Play.