Fired Up With Love

I return into the witness within; I discover the silence, and the expanse.  I realize in this silent witness that God is opening up before my senses.  I feel the rush of Love, of Peace; of Ultimate Omniscience, and I surrender into this inner call of Love.  I know in this moment that I am one with It and It is One with me. Everywhere present, all knowing and fully alive; this One seeps into my senses until there is only God; and I speak, and the word of God issues forth.

I speak from God and every person’s deepest desire is revealed, and action ensues.  Right here and now I speak of Love and Love is revealed in every heart that listens and every listener is moved.  I am witness to a paradigm shift. Wherever I look people are simply acting more lovingly and with more resolve.  Choices are being made that actively draw people together in loving-kindness.  Peace moves upon the face of the earth because I have made my Love visible and taken real action. I am fired up with a passion for being the change I would have my children’s, children’s, children remember of me.  I no longer sit on my dream; I take action.  Today I acknowledge the world I have witnessed with my five senses was only a nightmare passed down from my parent’s, parent’s, parents. I no longer accept the validity of what my past has imposed upon me. I let it go and choose to see anew.  And what I see becomes ‘Me!’

I am transformed and my world is transformed.  The ripples of my word of Love reverberate off the feet of the Divine and in an instant my world is transformed.  I am powerfully moved and shaken to my core.  Growing swells of Love have just past through me and are even now the wave of change all around me.  I rejoice, I celebrate and let this wave go. My work is done.  And So It Is