My Understanding Reaches My Heart

In this moment of willingness I am swept into the field of all awareness.  I see the Infinite magnitude of the Life, the Love, the Source of my existence and awareness.  I truly see that It is All; that It is fully present in that All that It is.  It is present as Love and  Intelligence; It is present as Essence and Form and every form collectively and individually is the form of the Infinite. I Am the form and the Essence of the Infinite individualizing as me.  I see clearly now that this thought, this awareness, is my faith from which the power of my word has arisen.  Right here and now from my absolute faith I speak my word and by my faith this word is realized Now.

I declare in this moment that the vibration of my understanding has risen and been fully enveloped in my heart.  What I feel is easily elucidated in words because they are simply a reflection of my living.  I know Oneness; I feel It, I Am It breathing into this world of my affairs now.  I celebrate this power that has dissolved illusion and allowed me to stand in absolute clarity of Love.  I get that I am the rush of heart into my affairs and that in this moment my every desire is already fulfilled without compromise. I declare Goodness and It is the vision seen when any brother or sister looks upon me for I stand undeluded by a human propensity to alienate the One Life.


I live It, I see It, and my word now perfectly reveals It, for this word is sprung from It already realized. Therefore I let go and let Its blossoming fill my senses and my affairs.  I let go into the Blessing Knowing It is already demonstrated as my life Now.


And So It Is


Today’s Affirmation:  I Am completely dedicated to realizing and living my life purpose Now.


Daily Inspiration: God has given you one face, and you make yourself another. ~William Shakespeare

Today’s Affirmation: I am One with God; for me there is no other; thus Love is mine today.

Today’s Contemplation: The problems of this world are so simple; we have beguiled ourselves into a belief in separation.  ‘We’ is simply the many ways that God can look upon Itself with Love.  When I awaken to this I become witness to the profound Love that is All that I look upon; All that I can look upon. I Am that, I Am.