I Take My Love To The World

One Life pours It’s Love forth. Into the full breadth of It’s infinite being Love moves, and where It goes Life is reanimated and creation blossoms.  I am the creation of this Infinite; I am the extension I am the animation of, and the Love that It is.  And my only work is to take It into the world.

Today I step into my work and realize that this work is my passion and my play. It is what I live for and what I do.  I let my joy rise up and be visible.  It is an infection of the soul that brings up gaiety and laughter.  Wherever I go I spread my contagion and all I touch are infected with love and more love.  As I earn a living through my actions I spread peace and joy to all my coworkers, companions and all the family of my heart.  I am the difference my world needs me to be, because I have surrendered to the Infinite.  Thus I know “my work” is “God Work” and only Good can come of it.

Knowing God is in Charge I surrender.  I let go and allow this word to find its way home.  I surrender and let the Infinite reveal the process. I let love move me and through me. I give over and allow the Infinite to bring solace to my soul. I let it all be.

And So It Is 

Today’s Affirmation:  Today I let my Love pour forth and into the world.
And where It goes the world is reshaped.