Power In Oneness

One Infinite Presence fills the space of Its dimensions.  It is absolute intelligence, fully alive in the fullness of the Presence that It is.  It is my Power for I am One with It, in It, and expressing the localized truth of Its perfection in all my affairs.

Today I revel in that Oneness for it is my power. I know my supreme capacity to invoke the presence of Love into any condition of this world that I engage in, for God is Love and God is All.  Therefore God is right where I am now.  My word for Love is Law and must reign supreme.  Therefore, right now, I invoke my God power and declare that Love is made visible to all wherever I stand. I know that It whispers itself into every heart that I touch and reveals itself through a generosity of spirit natural to the Divine order and exceptional to any sense of separation anywhere.

I know that all of this is done now for this is the only moment God ever made and my word is complete within it. I, therefore, release my word and let the magic of the Divine usher it into obvious completion now.  It is done.

And So It Is

Today’s Affirmation:  I rock my world with all my love today and witness the ripples coming back to me.