Peace In My Thoughts

I release and relinquish every thought into the Divine.  I recognize It is all there is. It is the Infinite, the Absolute and all that It contains.  It is Love, Life and Peace and all that ‘is’ is of It.  I am of It; all that I am is this One Substance individualized and individualizing. I am Peace and I allow every thought to align with this Truth.


Through my heart and my mind peace reigns supreme. I have let the darkness of despair fade away.  The tendrils of an illusion of misperception have dissipated and all that remains is the light of Supreme Peace. It moves me as It moves through me.  And I declare in the authority of my Divinity that there is only Peace on earth as It is in heaven.  For in my heart heaven and earth are One even as my word and passion are One. I have but one thought now; it encompasses every thought, and that thought is Peace.


Into this Peace I relax and let go for It has taken all that I am, the very word that I speak, and has made it so.  It is done. In this utter conviction I relinquish all, my authority and faith; for I know in truth I have done nothing.  I have only seen what already Is.


And So It Is


Today’s Affirmation:  I choose Peace Now; and then; All things come together.