Beyond Appearances

There is One Power completely present and alive in all that is.  It is the Power of Creation, It is Intelligence; All Intelligence, knowing no degrees. That which It thinks into being is already complete; its inception is God’s extension, thus it is all that God Is. I Am This. All that I know is God’s Knowing for me and It Is Complete.

My knowing is instantaneous, beyond appearances and forever complete.  I think the thought and it is done.  The eye is delayed; the eye is deceived, the confusion of the masses creates the illusion of process for there is a mass identification with a belief in separation.  Yet God is Now and that which I desire is done Now.  My faith is in this knowing.  My faith goes beyond appearances for it is of God.  I simply embrace the good of my word and it is fulfilled. In this I give over to God letting God’s knowing be mine now.

In gratitude I surrender. I thank God that the transformation is upon me.  I thank God that my faith is whole and my work is surrendered for it is thus that it is done.
And So It Is

Today’s Affirmation:  I see me as no-one can for I see me as I truly am.