More Present; More Alive

God’s presence is everywhere and in everything and where God is there is Love, there is Intelligence, and there is an abiding Peace.  I am one of this Presence.  It is working in me, through me and as me.

It is the one Power that awakens in me my true potential for It is Love and Love is my full potential. All that I am, the source of every thought and every dream, is Love.  As I reflect upon It, as I realize It, I become more of It. I become more of this that I am because through my focus on the Divine within I lose sight of all that was before a distraction, an identification with illusions of separation, and with every old thought that was lost the Love of my being flows in until I feel more alive than ever; more present than ever.  My word for Love becomes more powerful than ever and my life is transformed.

Right now, in this sacred moment I surrender to that Love which is the Source of Love; I let go, and I let God. I simply breathe into the full experience dissolving into this new me, more than any other me feeling complete fulfillment in this word released now.
And So It Is

Today’s Affirmation:  I Get my Light Out because it is That Big; nothing holds me back now.