Wholeness Is Mine

God Life is wealthfulness for God is the allness of life. Everything that ‘is’ is contained within the Infinite, it is of the Infinite, it is the individualization of the Infinite. Therefore God nature is the flow of wealth.  I am one of this all encompassing opulence. I am one of the richness of life. I am in the flow. I am one of God and one with God.

I recognize the riches of heaven and realize that heaven is right here where I am.  It is just a thought away. I get that my old thinking has been the cause of an impoverished life, a life where my good only ever equalled my greatest need. I am fully aware now that this limited experience was the product of limited thinking bound to an erroneous mindset.  Today I let go of that old outlook, I look around and see the opulence of God in all I see.  I let go into it realizing that I am one of God and all that I look upon requires only that I accept it is already mine.  I accept it and witness how completely it shows up in my life and affairs.

There is nowhere that I go where God is not. My opulence flows to me and sticks with me.  I am in the rich storehouse of God. I am where I belong. I surrender into the fullness of this experience simply allowing God work to be done now.
And So It Is

Today’s Affirmation:  I look beyond appearances and see Wholeness; I act with love, compassion, and wisdom.