I Let Go And Let God

God is my source and God is my good for God is all there is; the cup of tea that I drink and all those who bring sunshine into my life. It is the stars and galaxies and every satellite that maintains an orbit.  It is the breath I breathe; It is the substance of my body, It is my consciousness and my love.  All that I am is God individualizing as me. I celebrate this Eternal Givingness as give myself over to this Power.


I know that all my life is God’s work through me, as me, and right now I take note of my incredible bounty.  I am so eternally grateful for the continued blessings as I take notice of the love of my friends and my family, of the clothes I have and the shelter that protects from the storms both within and without.  I am grateful for the creature comforts that keep me occupied and contented. I am so grateful that my bounty comes in response to my desire, it is done as I conceive for I am the avenue of God supply.  I simply let go and let it happen for it is the pleasure of Life to give unto Itself and It is Life’s pleasure to know It’s desire through me as me.


I let it happen.  I simply surrender in gratitude and let my good come to me. I let go to that undefinable Power, that Intelligence that makes it all happen. I give over to that which I have nicknamed God. I let go and I let God.
And So It Is


Today’s Affirmation:  I get out of my way and let my abundance flow today.