The Past Is Gone

God is the presence that encompasses, embraces and embodies all that is. It is the Life that animates and inspires all that lives.  It is all that Lives and is the Intelligence that blossoms in every activity of Life; It is a Love that knows Itself.  It knows Itself as me for I am the individualized self awareness of the One Life Now.

In this moment I am creating.  According to my thoughts I am building my life and my world now. Yesterday is a faded memory and tomorrow is a fiction that never arrives.  All there is is this moment; a moment based upon my thoughts and beliefs.  Right now and only now I am creating the life of my choosing.  In this breath I am creating my world according to my thoughts and beliefs.  Right now I consciously engage in my thought process.  With discernment I choose only thoughts that enhance my world view of peace and harmony.  I engage in the adventure of conscious co-creation, building a world of love and peace with every thought I put forward. I witness a world where opinion and judgement fall away until all that remains is a loving thought individualized to infinite diversity.  I see creation take hold and a world born of love and joy now as a sinless humanity steps out of the smoke and fog of confusion and into the light of love.

I see God work being done and I let it happen.  I am surrendered in gratitude to the perfection of this moment. It is Done.
And So It Is

Today’s Affirmation:  With this word, Now, I create a World that works for Everyone.