I Follow The Signs

One Source; that Source is the Centre and Circumference of every life. That Source is all the meaning that any life has, and the only meaning it gives and gives freely is Love. Love is All there is. I am one with Love; I am one with Source, I am one of Source, perfectly expressing and individualizing. All that I am is the Omnipotence of Love individualizing as me by my decree.

In every interaction with every person I am witness to the God nuances calling me to attention. This Love of my being that I Am is forever drawn into the Source. I sit still and I listen and I feel the pull. Daily I seek the path of Love; I witness loving-kindness and align with supportive and harmonious behavior. I always listen to the feelings and intentions back of words and gestures. I give no energy to patterns of antagonism. Rather I reach out with actions of compassion. I follow the signs in all my relations and find I am ever closer to the Divinity of my being; more light, more love, more power, joy and beauty. My Life is alive in the radiance of an eternal dawning as I return into the Light of my own being; as I return home.

There rises up an eternal song of gratitude from my God-Well within that pours forth a blessing to the world that craves only Love. I rejoice and celebrate my thanks giving as I give this word back into the Godstream of Creation knowing it is forever complete, already done and fulfilled before it was spoken. It is Done.

And So It Is

Affirmation: Today I commit to my homeward journey; a return to Love.