A Greater Me Today

Life rises in Magnitude and Magnificence in Its Infinite Majesty. Beauty beyond recounting underlies, permeates and occupies every form, for it is the substance and essence of all that is, visible, measurable and comprehendible. It is Life; and every life is that One Life individualizing perfectly. My life is that One Life and my word now is sprung from that One Word.

I declare my alignment with the Power of my being and I bring my every thought into the creative process. I am building the Kingdom of Love into my affairs today simply by stripping away. Every old thought of conditions of suffering is banished and every thought of aloneness is transformed into All-One-Ness. I am home in the field of Oneness and all I see is the magnificence of Life. I am elevated in reverence and have become a greater me today. Where I go and what I say are sprung from a perfect alignment. I Am a Light Worker, a Love Worker; I am the extension of the Infinite into all affairs individual, present in Love, Joy and Peace for this is my sole desire and my only nature.

I am blessed and absorbed into the gratitude of being until This Breath Now is the eternality of my thanksgiving for the Greater me that I Am in absorption into; the One, the Source and the Splendour of this life now. My word is received and fulfilled
And So It Is

Affirmation: I am More, I am More; Love has found my Heart and made me More!