The power of Life itself unfolds in incomparable splendour. It is supreme and It is All. This Infinite Omnipotent One is eternally active, creative, forward moving. It stands unopposed and unstoppable, for all that is, great and small, is simply the One individualizing perfectly; I am That, every life is That. In this realization of my oneness with the Divine I know that I must also be unstoppable for all that I conceive is that One life thinking through me.

In this moment I declare that I am forward moving with the momentum of a life time. My dreams have gelled into the form of my greatness. I remain unperturbed by any appearances of failure for I know beyond knowing that only good can possibly be unfolding. I am oblivious to the opinions of all those who would attempt to influence me with thoughts and words of mediocrity. I am God aligned, unwavering in my knowledge of that perfect vision and fully aware of the proof of my greatness in the binding my heart. I am secure and unshakeable; I am resolved and unrelenting. The riches of the Universe fall upon my path with my every step; living proof of the correctness of my vision. I act now with passion, purpose and direction; with unstoppable resolve.

From the very depths of my heart springs a geyser of gratitude for I have heard the Infinite and It has spoken; Yes, Yes, Yes. And so it is done, the word released, accomplished and fulfilled before it was spoken.
And So It Is

Affirmation: I have Purpose, I have Power and I have Support. I am on my God journey Today.