Moving Upward

Horizons open up and the Infinite is revealed. Every possibility is already played in Infinite Mind; and simply awaits the creative desire to bring it into form. Spirit is all and I am the outlet; I am the individualization of Infinite Intelligence, I am the Creative Process. Every thought I think, every breath I breathe is the out-picturing of an Infinite Intelligence and by my passion it comes into existence. I am One and my word is Law.

In this moment I am filled with the breath of the Divine and I am lifted upward. My heart is moved and my head aligns; I am inspired by the Light. I willingly release old ideas and dreams; for my life is renewed with vision and passion. And I know I must say ‘Yes’! I speak my word now and I take action. The path is revealed before me and I walk it one step at a time marvelling in the continued revelation of the next step. I am moving upward. My heart is freed from the inhibitions of opinion. I am ready to take action and let the urge move me.

Into thankfulness my being plunges. I am filled to overflowing and released with a grateful heart into an upward spiral. By the will of the Divine I am moving. I know it and I release into it knowing that it is already done right now.
And So It Is

Affirmation: Divine innocence drives me forward today. And I accept MY work and CHOOSE my Play.