I Accept My Good

The Good Life is the God Life. All that is good is God and all that is God is Good! God is manifest in, through and as all that is; both visible and invisible. All that exists, being the manifest expression of God, is in essence Good and Perfect. I Am the manifest expression of God; I am One of God and I am Good in every way.

Today I am in complete acceptance of the Good that I am. I claim it in the smiles I share, in the passing ways I lift spirits and bring happiness to the hearts around me; I share it in the transformations I bring through my works and my passion. I am Good and today I celebrate that Good. I am making a positive difference in my world with every single breath I breathe. I make that difference in my commitment to every life as ‘One Life’. In every moment I look past beliefs, opinions and judgements to the essential nature of life. I see through to the loving intention that motivates every life. My seeing is creating and peace is the gift I leave in every heart I touch.

My giving is a blessing that returns and blesses me beyond any conscious awareness and leaves me in reverence and gratitude for I see the Light and the Love that is abundantly given to me and to my world. In this field of gratitude I release this word and it is swept up in completeness. It is now and already done.
And So It Is


Affirmation: I say ‘Yes’ to a Good that keeps growing and, I say ‘Yes’ to a Heart that keeps on Glowing.