I Rise Up Again

God is awakened to every moment, in everything, in every way for God Is all there is. The Awakened God is the sparkle in the moment. It is the stardust shimmering in, through and as every person everywhere. God Is Life Eternal forever renewed. I am the renewal of God in this moment, alive and present in the oneness of my being with all life everywhere.

I declare right now the alertness of my being. All is fresh and all is new for I am new to this moment. This moment, now, has never existed before. Nothing of it has any correlation with the past for the ‘past’ never existed except in some mind somewhere that could not behold the beauty of this moment now. I declare right now that I release every judgement based upon that yesterday which never existed. I rise up renewed in this moment, in love with this moment and growing into a greater consciousness of the love that I am right now. I see through every illusion into the Heart of the Divine. I see the Shimmer, the Love, the Glory that forever transcends the mundane I see Life and only Life today.

My full being is resolved now into the deep and profound gratitude, that knowing, that light, that Joy fulfilled, for the One Power that has already resolved this word into the complete wholeness of my being. It is done.
And So It Is


Affirmation: I rise up today in a New Way; it is a New Me and a New Day, and Love is All there is!