Knowing Our Truth by Bev Danby RScP

At the core of the Centers Spiritual Philosophy is what we call ‘Spiritual Mind Treatment’. It is essentially very specific ‘Affirmative Prayer’, for the purpose of aligning our thinking with the Truth which we desire to see manifest in our life. For example:

“There is one First Cause that creates form from the formless. It is the one Source of all that is, the creator and the created. I am an individualized expression of this Source, the One Life. All that It is I am.

Right now I choose to practice Spiritual fitness in my life and affairs. I demonstrate unconditional love for I recognize the Divine Love that I am. I succeed in all my desires for I recognize the Creative Power of my thought. I prosper for I recognize the lavish un-failing abundance of the one Source. I say YES to the perfect unfolding of my Divine magnificence.

I am filled with immense gratitude knowing that my life and affairs are unfolding in love, peace, joy and success. I gratefully practice my Spiritual fitness throughout my day. I release my word. I accept and expect its perfect completion through the creative medium of the Law.
And so it is.