Heart’s Desire

God is the self existent Cause of all that is; visible and invisible, tangible and incomprehensible, and, all encompassing. It is the very Power of Life to know Itself and to celebrate all that It knows. I know this Life as the living urge within me to discover, to live and to be all that I can be. It moves me in my waking dreams and engages me in my subconscious urges for all that I am is the extension of this One. I Am One of the Divine.

Today I celebrate the revelation of my deepest desires. I know they are God Desires revealing in my deepest urges, unconscious patterns and unexpected synchronicities. My heart gravitates to the Light and directs my eye to the Truth that calls me home. I see the subtle coincidences that continually remind me that I am one with every life and that I am in the oneness of God Life. I allow the urge of my soul to hold dominion over my every action. My mind is alert to synchronicities and I Act in accordance with this inner compass, never wavering from the path of Love. I Am directed and guided because I am willing, because I am excited and so In love with the Divine Desire of my Heart.

Uplifted, fulfilled and in Oneness through every illusion of separation, I sing my gratitude for the perfection that is my Heart’s Desire. I am so thankful that it is God’s Desire through me, for me, in me and as me, and that it is already fulfilled in the imminence of the Divine as this, my Life. It Is Done, It is Complete.

And So It Is


Affirmation: I crack the illusion of my senses and am filled with Love’s Light right Now!