Affluence to Feed My Soul

The Overflowing Richness of this Infinite Kaleidoscope called Life is forever expressing into the ‘imminent details’ of every aspect of Its being. It is Opulence pouring forth; an Abundance opening up from the Heavens within. It is Substance on the Spiritual, Thought on the mental and Money in the physical. It is the Flow of Love and it is moving; a constant stream through all that is. It is the very essence and substance of my being and is my power in every instance. I am the conduit of Divine Riches into this experience of Life Now. I Am open and my word is my Oneness.

I declare right now that in every way I am blessed above all conditions. All life is mine and shows up in response to the Joy that arcs through my soul. The Infinite is upon my affairs. I am in the flow and money, mirth and majesty run through me as a presence of prosperity. In every moment I have enough and more than enough to be in this eternal state of appreciation.

My word is gratitude as my life pours over with the generosity. Soul’s great thanks for the Infinite has already realized the Word and this life is a dance of fulfillment and Joy Here and Now.

And So It Is

Affirmation: I accept the blessing of a prosperity today;
that brings to me lasting Joy and Play.


Today’s Quote: Strong people don’t put others down… they lift them up. ~Michael P. Watson

Today’s Affirmation: I acknowledge others and watch all my Divine aspirations grow Today.

Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: When we see greatness in others we invoke the Law to cause increase not just in them but in all people including ourselves. When we acknowledge and support that greatness tangibly our own success grows with theirs and our lives improve exponentially. The understanding of this principle is the binding that gives strength to the small the whole world over.