Life is Good and Life is Full.  It is eternally springing into a greater expression of Its own Being.  All that ‘Is’ is operating to be the intensity of Life’s Infinite Joy, for all that ‘Is’ is Life ever expanding while neither increasing nor diminishing.  It is the Yes of Love forever becoming more. In and of this I have my being; I am Love; and the voice of Love upon my affairs.

I declare that the light of Love shines upon every corner of my life and all the expenditures of littleness diminish.  Today Love draws together and consolidates the joy and peace of my life until it is the fullness of my life.  And the fullness expands. Love increases and the power of love rules for where the Light illumines the darkness is banished back into the void of fear from where it arose.  All that remains is the Omnipresence of Love;, the Radiance of Light and Beauty and All Power. All that remains is God as Me.

In the Wonder of Life demonstrating as the richness of my life I surrender into the magnitude of Oneness. A song of gratitude returned into the Whole; the One Source of all Life now.


And So It Is

Affirmation: I Draw within and Spring Forward; my Resolve and Focus are Great Today.


Today’s Quote: Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness. ~Oliver Wendell Holmes

Today’s Affirmation:  With One Master Key I unlock and set free all the joy in every heart today.

Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: Every challenge, every roadblock and every unresolved conflict is a master lock holding back only happiness.  We can spend a lifetime finding each key and unlocking each issue or we can turn to the Source, get the Master Key of loving compassion and, in a moment, unlock them all.  The Source is forever present wherever we are; It is the Source and Truth of who we are.  In one moment of surrender we become the gift of all happiness.