Answers Revealed

There is One Infinite Knowingness; It is All and all that ‘is’ is It.  In Its all knowingness the answer is forever revealed before the question is ever asked and the Word is demonstrated in completeness.  I Am the Word of the One and the Word of my being is the perfection of my life.  It is done unto me as I decree right now.

By my word I declare that ‘I know’ and I know that I know.  From this knowingness I take action.  Love is my action, love is my outreach and love is always my outcome.  I know for every question Love is the answer for Love is Life, it is Peace and it is Power.  It follows that my every action moves from the point of Power in perfect harmony and peace forever adding to life.  I take action now from the answer is revealed.

In deep rejoicing I lift my voice in gratitude.  I celebrate from great appreciation a song of thanksgiving.  I give thanks as I take action; knowing it is the answer revealed and accomplished now.  On this truth my word is released into the greater Oneness done; de facto.

And So It Is

Affirmation: I already Know It and I Do It!


Today’s Quote: Laughter is brightest where the food is best. ~Irish Proverb

Today’s Affirmation:  I feed my soul with all I eat and all I think today.

Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: It is good to be conscious about our food; buy quality and bring joy into its preparation and consummation.  It is also one of the simplest places to discipline ones general thought activities because it is a daily necessity and practice demanding attention and offering loving consideration to the ones being served.  Be a blessing today in all things served and prepared and in so doing transform your life.