My Attitude Is My Reset by Rev Dale

The spiral of Life is forever upward; Perfection moving into Perfection.  The Infinite is increasing. What ‘was’ Is Now renewed.  The perfection of yester times is renewed in the passion of this moment.  I am that passion; I am the One life individualized upon this moment and my word is Law.

Knowing the power that I am I see clearly that I am the only power in my life and I make that life as I choose.  My choice is merely a function of my attitude and Desire so right here and now I take control of my attitude.  I choose joy and self fulfillment, I choose to be the repository of great ideas and I choose to act on those ideas. I know it matters not what I may have thought and felt yesterday for this moment is my ‘reset’. I take charge of my optimism and know that right now is my fulfillment established. Perfection is my birthright for I am the individualization of Infinite Perfection and all I think say and do is outward validation of this deep inner knowing.  What I know becomes me and all my experience is reset to the One Truth now.

I am in deep and full gratitude right now for my life is reset upon the path of profound goodness and the Godhead has taken this word and already made it so.

And So It Is             


Affirmation:  Today my life is turned around, the old is gone and only good stretches before me. In this I celebrate with every breath.