October 26 2012

Treatment – I Live In Harmony by Rev Dale

To the seasons of change there is a Force that Remains; unruffled, calm and eternally balanced.  It is the Infinite, all inclusive Intelligence containing within It the potential of infinite possibilities, variation and cycles.  It is Life, It is Law; It is All in all, as all; It Is the Circle of Life.  One with ‘This’ I live always at the level of my expansion forever increasing.

I touch the Infinite and all my affairs are revealed in a rich balance and fullness. I take all right action remaining always in perfect equilibrium; I am in the flow with every breath completing the cycle of loves expression.  All my affairs, all my relationships and all my endeavours transpire in poise and bearing.  I see life as it is and always find the path of stability and strength.  My every action is anchored in the Law and wrapped in love.  I live in harmony and this is my gratitude.

I rejoice with thanksgiving, I celebrate knowing that balance and harmony are all I know and all I experience.  In every area of my life I give thanks for the harmony that rules.  I surrender into this harmony, this balance, this Law knowing my word is already taken complete before it was spoken.
And So It Is

Affirmation: I circumscribe the measure of my wealth with a bounty of appreciation.