October 12 2012

Treatment – I Do It Because I Can by Rev Dale

Life stretches forward, a renewal and expansion of all It could be, unlimited and eternal.  Divine Life is forever moving into the field of all possibility, celebrating Its Divine perfection and increasing in opulent splendour.  What it does is done through every aspect of Its being for the One Life is fully present everywhere, in all, as all completely available.  Here I see me, I know who I Am.  I am the Infinite potentiality revealing Itself through me, as me now.

I celebrate my full knowing through action today.  I have grand ideas and I take action to reveal them in my affairs.  I see the idea and I take the steps.  I move on the dream even when all appearances reflect lack for this is why the vision is revealed to me.  If it already was I would not be called.  Today I realize that I am called to step into my greatness and add to the magnificence of my world.  I choose greatness and I live greatness; every dream I have is revealed and realized by the very Source that brought it to me.  I am that self knowing conduit of perfection.  I recognize it! I claim it! And; I move into it Now!

The very essence of my soul sings today in harmony with the symphony of all life for I have realized my gift and given it freely.  With gratitude I say Yes to this life fully lived.  I speak my word and I release it with love and joy knowing I am the breath of the Infinite already complete.

And So It Is

Affirmation: I stand above my past and celebrate the perfection I choose right Now.