September 28 2012

There is one Life of infinite perfection; it is Joy, it is Peace, it is Harmony and Creativity -and it is available to me.  I am one with an Infinite perfection; in every way that Wholeness of Being, at the level of my being.  I am the full potential of God realized into my affairs and my word speaks forth my good.

In this moment I see God all around me. The filters fall away and in me, through me, as me the Infinite reveals my perfection as It.  I embrace this perfection at every level.  I claim the Divine Relationship of pure oneness as the realization of all my interactions everywhere.  I accept the profusion that is the lavishness of the Infinite; it flows over and into all my endeavours with abundance and eternal flow.  I am a fount of prime and perfect ideas always empowered with copious energy and resources to bring God action into my human affairs.  I am blessed with a love that knows no bounds; it springs from within and caresses all my relations.  It is the touch of the God Life and it is embodied completely in my action Now.

I am welled up with joy and appreciation; in an attitude of gratitude for all the good that I claim is mine now.  I relish the abundance I stand in and the God experience that dominates my thoughts and experiences. In the joy of this richness I release my word.  It is Done.
And So It Is

Affirmation: Life moves and I move with It; I am surfing the currents of Love today.

Sep 28 12


Today’s Quote: Any person capable of angering you becomes your master; he can anger you only when you permit yourself to be disturbed by him. ~Epictetus


Today’s Affirmation: I see One. I am centred in One. Right now my life is fun.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: Always the answer to any sense of disquiet is to return to the One, that abiding presence that exists eternally at the centre of my being, right here, right now. No thing can anger me when I am truly centred and no thing can truly take my Centre from me. Today I remember only I Am my Master.