September 21, 2012

Treatment –I Give My All To Now

One Life is fully present, that Life is all life and It is fully alive in each life. It is Life and knows Itself as the life that is individualized as me right here and now.  Recognizing that I am animated by this source Consciousness and living the power of It’s presence into my affairs I declare my choice knowing it is already done.

I choose to be fully present right here and now. I choose to give my self fully into the life that this moment is.  I dress up and show up knowing my glory is unfolding fully in this moment. I declare good and know that good is all that pervades my experience because I am singular in my intention and my intention is the One Life expressing as me, through me.  Based upon this awareness I take action.  I know it is right action because I am inspired for a greater good.  I give fully in time, in action and in abundance for the One Life has never failed me and in this I know I could never fail. I know in this One Life I am prospered more than I can ever give;  failure is not an option, failure is not a possibility. Success is mine in this moment.

With an open and grateful heart I raise my word, I give it wings and I let it fly. As I surrender I let it fly.  Divine will has already given it life and outcome. It is done.

And So It Is

Affirmation: I Am fully present and fully alive Right Here, Right Now.


Namasté, Rev Dale

Sep 21 12


Today’s Quote: Don’t fill your time with worry – fix what you can, and let the rest take care of its self. ~Unknown


Today’s Affirmation: Every face of fear dissolves; all that remains is the joyous state of expectancy and an urge to make action Now.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: Worry is just another name for fear; there is neither advantage nor true existence to fear, it is simply a mental aberration that drains the capacity to act intelligently. A situation simply ‘is’, and we will deal with it best by refraining from indulging in fear.  Whether ones faith is in scientific fact, philosophic argument or an invisible and available power the only way forward is to turn completely from the fear and act on that faith.