September 14 2012


Treatment –The Circulation of Good by Rev Dale

Life is Good and Life is All.  Being all It is everywhere present in all things at all times maximally.  Being Good It accepts only the best in any moment.  Anything less than the best is the illusion of the senses.  I am one with this Infinite Good for I exist, therefore all the Good that ‘It is’ is already mine for my existence can only be of the One. I live, move, breathe and have my being as the creative expression of the Infinite.  I speak my word and it is Law.

Right now I declare that I am one with the circulation of the infinite opulence of the Divine.  Every fibre of my being reflects this because the very essence of my being is this. I surrender in this breath every false concept of lack and limitation because the very notion of any restriction in the Infinite is absurd.  God is good and God is all and I am the individualized expression of this allness in the truth of my being and thus in every aspect of my affairs.  I am the circulation of the Infinite, I am the circulation of good; that which I am is apparent in all my affairs for they are the reflection of my decree and conviction.

I stand in the authority of my word with a joy-filled heart for I know that all I am is God and all I am is good and in this word is the promise of all that does come to me.  Wit deep gratitude I declare this word surrendered completely in faith Now.
And So It Is

Affirmation: I give my whole being to the One Life, And I receive unlimited returns.

Sep 14 12


Today’s Quote: We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. ~George Bernard Shaw


Today’s Affirmation: I laugh and play my way through the serious work of this day; I make of myself a joyous song.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: Anyone who believes the practice of spirituality is serious is not particularly enlightened spiritually.  So since, judging by how serious most of us are, we might as well give up on the serious practice of spirituality and just start enjoying life; through this playful practice the serious devotee may yet stumble into enlightenment.